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Forget the fancy shirt and bow tie. Go with a plain white shirt and a darker tie. Keep it simple.
Give Leather Soul Hawaii a try.
upr_crust, nice suit. Do you have any experience with their outerwear?
Highly subjective. I personally prefer the 888 both for the aesthetics and the fit. However, to me, a 606 last on a Dover is the perfect combination. I find the 202 a touch on too wide for my taste.
Holdfast, I'll take it. PM payment info. Thanks.
Perhaps your own funeral.
She's a keeper.
Freddy's fitting skill is definitely one of the benefits of getting a shirt from him. All of my dress shirts with the most comfortable and best fitting collars are from Freddy.
I like them quite a bit. I like the fit, the style and the cloth they use. Much better than quite a few other polos I've worn in the past.
Shoulder looks fine. Chest and waist look a bit tight though.
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