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I'm sorry, but, if the need to wear ugly ass accessories so that you're "matching" is the only way to keep the peace for mom, this does not bode well for the future of the relationship. You are not dealing with a rational or reasonable person.
Don't be silly. Plenty of non-assassins where chalk stripe.
Don't forget to unbutton the first four buttons of your shirt and wear a heavy gold chain, preferably with a dollar symbol pendant hanging on the end of it. If you're gonna be a pimp, might as well go all in.
Beautiful jacket, but...you never go full mafoo.
Very nice. Fortunately they do have some of their khakis in my size. I think I'll try a pair. I really should drop by their store the next time I'm up in that area. Thanks for sharing this one.
I have a fedora made by Art Fawcett. His workmanship is wonderful. It's a wonderful value considering how he tries to make the hat just right for you.
It just looks like Apple has once again chosen form over function.
Even if what you say is true, SH is, at the very least, entertaining.
That particular last may just not work well for your feet. Not much you can do.
I have a large enough collection that I just buy whatever I feel like getting at the moment. Can be one or several. I get my shirts from a local shirtmaker so no shipping charges to consider and no real advantage or disadvantage to ordering either just one or multiple shirts.
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