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When I kick hippies, I prefer my combat boots to have steel toes and black seams.
No pick stitching. But that's just my opinion. To akatsuki, don't go without pockets on the jacket. Black tie isn't the place to mess with atypical affectations. Otherwise your ideas sound great.
Please, please, please, go get a white shirt and another suit in navy, charcoal or a mid to dark grey. For starters.
I have a burgundy blazer. For shirts, I usually go with a cream color or a light, lilac. Occasionally a light green. Mostly grey trousers, from medium to dark. Khaki should be ok also.
They're supposed to be decent quality. Most of the SF members who've owned Testoni shoes have been happy with the quality. For an alternative in the same price range, you might want to give Meermin a shot.
You mean California?
Never cared much for the aesthetics.
Cheaney makes a decent shoe. With the 20% discount, it's a good value.
Everyone should have at least one pair of black shoes. However, I wouldn't go with longwings if it was just one pair. I'd just get a cap toe balmoral.
That might not necessarily be true. The model in the link is 6'2" and he's wearing a 40S? For the OP who's 5'5", the sizing might be ok. Given his proportions, however, he might look top heavy with a DB and add to the short effect, IOW, a DB jacket is probably not his best choice.
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