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Double post.
Sounds like you're a 36 or even 34S. Most 36 suits will come with 30 waist slacks, which is doable, but I think you might be a 34 depending on shoulder fit.
They're decent quality watches, though I don't particularly care for the aesthetics of their new designs.
Shop The Finest. Store owner is a member of the forum.
It usually only overcast in June right by the ocean. Move a mile or so inland and you've got your stereotypical California sunshine.
Try Brooks Brothers. They have a children line of clothing, including suits and sports coats.
The same way all the other 13 year olds dress at the church.
These look like a pair of fancied up bowling shoes. Not particularly attractive...oh hell, I find them plain ugly.
New Omega DeVilles with automatic movements are all going to run north of $2500 with the prices going up significantly as you move from stainless to gold or white gold cases. If you want to pay less you can try for a vintage or used one. Ebay is ok if you know what to look for. I also suggest you try the sales corner at If you buy from a reliable seller at timezone, you can find a decent deal.
An Omega DeVille will always be a good choice. I prefer an automatic to a quartz. Others for consideration: - Stowa Antea KS - Nomos Tangente - Zenith Port Royal These watches are going to range in price from about $1000 to $3000+ new. You can find them for less if you're willing to go used or grey market.
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