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She's a keeper.
Freddy's fitting skill is definitely one of the benefits of getting a shirt from him. All of my dress shirts with the most comfortable and best fitting collars are from Freddy.
I like them quite a bit. I like the fit, the style and the cloth they use. Much better than quite a few other polos I've worn in the past.
Shoulder looks fine. Chest and waist look a bit tight though.
Count me among the ones who prefer suit #1.
Response, "how high can you go? Don't expect a response if I don't like the answer."
Good advice Freddy. Exactly how it worked out when I got my shirts from you. I need to come in again some time soon. I need some more shirts.
I'm sorry, but, if the need to wear ugly ass accessories so that you're "matching" is the only way to keep the peace for mom, this does not bode well for the future of the relationship. You are not dealing with a rational or reasonable person.
Don't be silly. Plenty of non-assassins where chalk stripe.
Don't forget to unbutton the first four buttons of your shirt and wear a heavy gold chain, preferably with a dollar symbol pendant hanging on the end of it. If you're gonna be a pimp, might as well go all in.
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