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It's a knockoff Patek and not a particularly accurate one at that.
Agreed. I like their ties, but can't see paying those prices.
Not man places carry separates. I know Brooks Brother does on some items. Also, eHaberdasher, who is a forum member. Of course, you can always go MTM or bespoke. If you do a search on the forum you'll find quite a few MTM stores that advertise here and you'll see some reviews as well from forum members.
You're probably going to have to go with separates. Every 38 suit I've ever seen came with at least 32 waist trousers. That's too much to alter.
Double post.
Sounds like you're a 36 or even 34S. Most 36 suits will come with 30 waist slacks, which is doable, but I think you might be a 34 depending on shoulder fit.
They're decent quality watches, though I don't particularly care for the aesthetics of their new designs.
Shop The Finest. Store owner is a member of the forum.
It usually only overcast in June right by the ocean. Move a mile or so inland and you've got your stereotypical California sunshine.
Try Brooks Brothers. They have a children line of clothing, including suits and sports coats.
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