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Sorry, brainfart. I was thinking unstructured shoulders.
Yes it can be both fully canvassed and unstructured. This is a nice SC. Enjoy!
Ok...I'm convinced. Got to get a pair for myself.
Very nice! Love the coat.
Looks beautiful. Appears to be to notch quality.
I apologize. I can only buy so man pairs of shoes on my own.
It's a knockoff Patek and not a particularly accurate one at that.
Agreed. I like their ties, but can't see paying those prices.
Not man places carry separates. I know Brooks Brother does on some items. Also, eHaberdasher, who is a forum member. Of course, you can always go MTM or bespoke. If you do a search on the forum you'll find quite a few MTM stores that advertise here and you'll see some reviews as well from forum members.
You're probably going to have to go with separates. Every 38 suit I've ever seen came with at least 32 waist trousers. That's too much to alter.
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