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Just about every off the rack suit I've ever purchased, I had to have my tailor alter the seat of the pants. They rarely fit perfectly for me without alterations.
If you're ok with mtm give Kent Wang a look. His prices are reasonable and their quality is good.
A new online style magazine I came across from my Linked In connections:
Those people should be ashamed of themselves for delivering a final product like that one. There response is even more shameful.
I like it. I've never been a big loafer fan myself, but this, this I like.
EBay prices are higher because Ebay gets paid for any listing that closes from a sale.
It was similar for me when I ordered with Ascot. Be patient and you'll get your shoes in no time. Ascot is very good about staying on top of things. If you're truly concerned, you can just send them an email. You should get a quick response.
Love the blue!
This. The Benjamin tux will be way better quality than anything you'll find at Jos A Bank.
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