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Do you even know what training the police have or do not have with regards to the escalation of force (or de-escalation)? I actually train people on the use of force including some police officers. Every department's policies and training are somewhat different, but your statement makes a great number of erroneous assumptions. 'Officer's life in danger" parameters have not broaden any, however, the circumstances that lead to that kind of situation have been much more...
Are you suggesting that there are people here claiming that the Rice shooting was not true and/or not tragic? Or do you want to continue assuming that anyone who doesn't buy the false narrative created by the Brown and Martin shooting to be racist, bigots with a personal agenda?
Actually there were eyewitness testimony that Martin approached Zimmerman along with Zimmerman's testimony that Martin attacked right at the start of their interaction with each other (though obviously his testimony can't be taken at face value). These pieces of evidence along with the 911 call tranascirpts lends credence to Zimmerman's claims. Believe what you will.
The problem is in most of these cases that is not what has happened but the media, politicians and those with an agenda keep portraying it that way. In most of these instances, there were legitimate reasons for contact between the police and each of these people and when the police try to detain and make an arrest, they physically resisted and fought. Once you go physical with a police officer, injury or death becomes a possibility. This is not to say having an...
Seriously. Someone who's shown, in past action, that they're ready and willing to physically harm others is "irrelevant." SMH.
Unfortunately, everything seems to be heading in this direction.
Somewhat reminds me of a Patek 5110.
TV and film companies are most certainly NOT the source you'd want to reference for ANY kind of accuracy, technical or historical.
Nicely done! That will make a great everyday wear watch.
"Everywhere i look something reminds me of her." -Frank Durbin
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