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EBay prices are higher because Ebay gets paid for any listing that closes from a sale.
It was similar for me when I ordered with Ascot. Be patient and you'll get your shoes in no time. Ascot is very good about staying on top of things. If you're truly concerned, you can just send them an email. You should get a quick response.
Love the blue!
This. The Benjamin tux will be way better quality than anything you'll find at Jos A Bank.
Can't comment on prices in Tokyo, but in the U.S. $3000 is rather high for MTM.
These are valid insights and certainly needs to be addressed. However, movements like BLM makes it difficult to have any kind of meaningful conversation because they go to extreme of the other end and won't accept any middle ground. I've tried talking to some of the BLM supporters, some of whom are friends I've known a long time and it's like talking to a child who has his fingers in his ear going, lalalalalala, I can't hear you.
That's your opinion. I suggest the fundamental problem is of people sowing seeds of distrust of the police and their use of force because it's not used in the way they prefer. It's especially problematic when that expectation is unrealistic and not based on an educated perspective. I'll give you an example. How many times have you heard critics of police use of force ask why they didn't just shoot the suspects in the leg or something to that effect? These people also...
Even assuming those stats are accurate, they still fail to answer why shots were fired to begin with. You ever have someone unarmed beat the living daylights out of you and try to take your gun to kill you with it? I can name quite a few officers I've spoken to who have described exactly such events and on more than a single encounter. In fact it happens with far too much regularity. Most of the time they manage to resolve it without actually ever to fire them service...
You just proved my point. Given the total number of times criminals come in contact with law enforcement, these numbers are a mere blip on the radar. While the lives are not insignificant, the year to year delta themselves from a statistical standpoint are.
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