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Love it! I need a pair of those in Burgundy.
I find the Indy boot fits best when I go down 1/2 a size.
I'd rather see a pack run loose on Capitol Hill, but that's just me.
No kidding. I was rooting for the dinosaur to kill all the humans in the second movie.
Love the white cords! Love it!
Thanks for the update. Hope your shirt turns out well. I need to order some more shirts and have been looking for a shirtmaker since Freddy retired. Sounds like he has a decent selection of fabric.
I prefer no shoes at all. Blood is a killer on antiquing. Otherwise, I love wholecuts.
I personally wouldn't go with the plain cufflinks unless the metal tone is a perfect match. Otherwise, I'd stick to the set.
Beautiful hat. I'm debating between getting this or a Brent Black Hemingway.
Thought you gentlemen might find this interesting, especially those of you here in the L.A. area: http://www.insidehook.com/jonas-bell-pashts-suit-collection
New Posts  All Forums: