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Left message on your voicemail. You can also contact me at Thanks! Alex
For sale is a pair of Cartier Decor C sunglasses with bubinga wood temples and platinum finish. In excellent condition. No scratches on lens or any part of sunglasses. Comes with case. No papers. SPF
I have two Rado watches for sale. 1. Rado Carpe Diem - Limited edition watch. This one is #1742 or 2002. Lightly used. Dial is in perfect condition. Comes with inner box, no papers. Asking $1000 2. Rado Cerix Men's (R25472102) No box or papers. In excellent condition. No scratches on dial or bracelet. SOLD Get both watches for $1200. Prices includes shipping.
There's quite a bit of variation. Typical sleeve adjustments seem to be approximately $35. Haven't done waist suppression alone, so can't tell you.
That's relatively simple work and most tailors can handle that. There are a few in the area who can probably do the work just fine for a lower cost.
I haven't done the exact same work alone, but that would probably run about $100. But best to call them and get a price quote. (626) 284-6467
No advice on the cobbler, but for a tailor, check out Bill Cairo Custom Tailoring in San Marino. They're the only one I'd trust for any complex tailoring work. They're a full custom service so they also make bespoke items. They are not cheap, but do top notch work.
A majority of the black tie affairs I've been to have been charity events.
Just about every off the rack suit I've ever purchased, I had to have my tailor alter the seat of the pants. They rarely fit perfectly for me without alterations.
If you're ok with mtm give Kent Wang a look. His prices are reasonable and their quality is good.
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