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How much do the N&F chinos stretch in the waist? I just got a new pair in size 31. I can button the top button, but they're tight. If these don't stretch I should probably exchange them for a 32.
Have you owned an Indy? I ask because until I got my first pair I was not a fan either. I now have them in dark brown chromexcel, cigar shell, and #8 shell on the plaza last. They are such great boots and so incredibly versatile. Despite all the fancy shell Aldens I have, my chromexcel Indys are easily the shoes I receive the most compliments about. Not to mention they are insanely durable. I used them as work boots in a naval shipyard for 4-years and they still look...
Awesome! This is why I love the SF community. Thank you so much! Do you find one color more versatile than the other?
PIC REQUEST: Could someone who has both tan and snuff suede Aldens please post a picture or two of them side by side? Preferably boots but anything will be fine. I can't decide between the two colors for my next pair of Indy boots. Much appreciated!
  They are first quality. Also, I ordered these with shoe trees which arrived installed in the shoes so someone definitely missed this. Again, I'm not really that upset, Yenni is going to contact Alden early this coming week and see what the options are. I still have nothing but praise for J. Gilbert. 
I e-mail Yenni at J. Gilbert who has been absolutely incredible through the whole pre-order and waiting process. If nothing happens, I'll still be thrilled with my boots and have a cobbler install the missing liner and sharpie on J. Gilbert. 
Thanks for the tip! I know it doesn't really matter but you think I'd be able to get a sock liner that says J. Gilbert? I like that all my Aldens say where they came from.
Got my Cigar Indy boots from J. Gilbert. A couple concerns though: 1) One of the leather heel pads is missing, and 2) the one heel pad is labeled incorrectly. See pictures. What should I do about the missing heal pad? Sorry for the crappy pics, not a lot of natural light on a rainy day.      
$15 per e-mail!?!?!?! That is ridiculous. I guess he doesn't have any customers hard of hearing.
Both! Honestly...
New Posts  All Forums: