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Alden SF Ravello LWB today:
 Those are perfect. I am so jealous. Great photography too.
 Excellent, thank you! Now that you mention it I've seen the term "perf. cap toe" plenty of times, guess it never stuck.
 Thank you for the tip! I'll do some investigating! I have a couple random questions:On the Leffot cap toe boots I originally posted, the cap has the row of circular cutouts, what is this called? Another shoe styling term I'm not sure of is the zig-zag cut edges such as on Alden's LWBs, what is that called? My 403 indy boots are in need of a resoling (the black heal has worn through to show the nail heads), however there are several places where the sole is detaching from...
 Thanks for the tip! You're right though, something about those look off to me. Maybe it's how bent upwards the toe is?
Hello all, I am trying to get my hands on some natty chromexcel cap toe boots. Similar to the ones offered by Leffot (pictured below). Unfortunately, Leffot is out of stock in my size and won't be restocking for a while. I've been searching the usual Alden sources, but figured I'd post here for additional help! If anyone knows of a source for these I would appreciate it very much!! I'd also *entertain* the idea of non-Alden brands if anyone has suggestions. Thank you very,...
 Ahh, thank you. I've been traveling for the past week for work. Have been behind on this thread and sometimes getting caught up on such an active thread can be overwhelming. To somewhat contribute to the subject, everyone is saying that color #8 noticeably darkens over time. I have a ~3 year old pair of #8 Indys that started out very, very dark (they looked virtually black in anything but direct sunlight) that have only lightened a little bit. When in bright natural light...
  I must have missed something, what is going on with Alden color #8?
Ravello LWBs today:
Whiskey LWBs today. Love the way these have creased over the years.
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