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Whiskey LWBs today. Love the way these have creased over the years.
 Uncle, When you say MTO, do you mean in the same vein as when a retailer does a custom run? Or do you mean true, one-off pair MTO direct from Alden? Thank you
  These are absolutely stunning! I confess I'm not a big fan of grain leathers usually, but these make the details of the LWB pop!!! I'm not at all familiar with the makeup, but it looks like the more reddish Ravello of ~2012-2013.
First outing in the new snuff Indys!
No on-the-foot photos today, but I did have some time to take a few family photos:   Right to left, starting at the back: Alden SF Snuff Suede Indys, Brown Chromexcel 403 Indys, Frans Boone #8 Plaza Last Indy's, Alden SF Ravello LWB, CitiShoes Whiskey LWB, 1x J. Gilbert and 1x Tassels HK Cigar Indys (story below), Alden of Carmel Cigar LWB   Indys   LWBs   Mixed Cigar Indys. I've had these for a few years, but never shared their story. I got in fairly...
First new pair of Aldens in a couple years, and my very first pair of suede Aldens. I present to you my new Alden of SF snuff suede Indy:     I'm also looking for recommendations on a waterproof/protectant spray? I know of Saphir Super Invulner, but I was wondering if there was anything more readily available (such as on Amazon).  
Hey all, need some advice...    I recently received a brand new pair of N&F Super Skinny Guy Left Hand Twill in size 29. The weird thing is these fit almost identical to my ~3 year old pair of Skinny Guy (non-super skinny guy) deep indigos in size 31. My 31s have been washed and dried several times so while they certainly stretched out from new, they may also have shrunk back down some. I'm just confused because of how similar the fit is on a size 29 super skinny and an...
How much do the N&F chinos stretch in the waist? I just got a new pair in size 31. I can button the top button, but they're tight. If these don't stretch I should probably exchange them for a 32.
Have you owned an Indy? I ask because until I got my first pair I was not a fan either. I now have them in dark brown chromexcel, cigar shell, and #8 shell on the plaza last. They are such great boots and so incredibly versatile. Despite all the fancy shell Aldens I have, my chromexcel Indys are easily the shoes I receive the most compliments about. Not to mention they are insanely durable. I used them as work boots in a naval shipyard for 4-years and they still look...
Awesome! This is why I love the SF community. Thank you so much! Do you find one color more versatile than the other?
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