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  I'm in, Soho Bourbon. 9.5EEE.
These are headquartered in Medellin, but maybe you can find them in Bogota. Both my girlfriend and I bought boots from here: http://www.cuerosycalzadosaber.com/home   I have a briefcase and a belt from here: http://www.talabarteriasanfermin.com/productos/accesorios.html   I know of a company that makes bespoke dance shoes in Medellin, mostly for tango.... FWIW     I hope others chime in!   Good luck and have fun! Try the ajiaco soup.  
will do, thanks for the quick reply
Can I wear this belt with these shoes? These are my first Allan Edmonds shoes - Jeffersons. The belt was custom made and was supposed to be dark brown (described on the site as "dark brown is close to being black"). Any input is appreciated!  
Thanks Cold Iron!
Gonna break in my first pair of AEs (Brown Jeffersons) on Wednesday during a work related trip to Dallas. I have read that some people will use lexol leather conditioner before their first use. Is that safe to do? Any input is appreciated!
I use some old ones for headphone storage and transport. (1st post)
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