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9D Barrie last, fits about 1/2 size large so about a standard 9.5 (im a tts 9.5 and these are great for me). They are from a run that was a bit reddish in comparison to the standard Ravello color and a touch darker as you can see in the pictures. I used to wear these semi-frequently but just have fallen out of my rotation. I kept them in good condition as seen. Does not include shoe trees or original box.
These are a collaboration between the NY boutique Epaulet and the shoemaker Carmina. Wonderful pair of boots with a deep chocolate color, fits true to size. Only worn 1-2 times. Included is the epaulet photo as well as my own. I really want to send these to a good home, as I just never wear them. Original red Carmina shoe box included + dust bags(non carmina).
Please note that these pictures were taken approximately a year ago, though the shoes have seen little wear since then and look quite similar to these photos. The reason for this is that my DLSR was stolen and I do not like the look of the pictures my phone camera takes. I can pm more current photos if you'd like. Color 8 Shell Cordovan Boots. Plaza Last size 9.5 SOLD   Ravello Longwing Blucher. Barrie Last size 9. These are a darker ravello than the old leather with a...
Dayum. Those look amazing. The scotch grain bal came out impeccable. Send out the damn invoices and shoos already!!!!
Eh. I've heard enough bad press about NRO and would avoid them regardless.
That brown suede jodphur would be awesome. I'd be in on it depending on when the preorder would be (cash flow is a bit tight, but fuck it shoos!). Oh, and P.S. Mike, if you remember that guy in your shop a week or so ago talking about property/moving to NYC your advice was greatly appreciated. I close on a place this week in the West Village thanks to all your advice!!!
There are a good number of retaliers who sell Aldens. The Shoe Mart LeatherSoul Leffot Alden Of Carmel Frans Boone J Crew J Gilbert All good options.
Agreed. It seems silly to care whether or not a shoe is a bal or a blucher with a suit. It's a very minor choice. I wear bluchers in formal situations constantly.
Ravello NST boot today. Loving how these look in the sun.
Damn..... 1/2 size too big for me 
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