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Who's had problems with Alden crepe soles being overly gummy or sticky ?  I just got  Like New AWWs from Ebay and every bit of rug lint clings to them.  They cost $100 less a $40  refund for  not-as-described issues. The uppers are fabulous.  I'm going to a cobbler for replacements.    Also, these soles are blonde, not black.  ??   I  saw that Union Made  has blonde sole  AWWs.
I once went 1/2 size down for a pair of Barrie's and the fit was horrible with weight bearing areas mismatched to my feet.  Then i read that regarding large last shoes, VOLUME is more important. I am usually 11D in oxfords and sometimes 11.5 D in casuals.  I just got a pair of ALL Weather Walkers in 11 A/C .   BINGO !   ( because of *&@*#**^ scripts, it took half an hour to write this )
Payment terms ? 
On the basis of one pair owned and the opinions of others, Sanders is good midrange quality.  I might say between Barker/Loake and Cheaney in the English brand range. 
Just got some last dimensions for several sizes from Cheaney.  It seems that I would need to go down 1.0 or 1.5 sizes from US to Cheaney instead of the usual 0.5 to 1.0 for US to UK. Also, the rep insists that a US E width corresponds best to their medium or average F fitting. Does Cheaney use a different scale than other UK brands ?    Oh, relevant comments are the most sought .  Ones like,  " I stick to AE"  or  "What's wrong with Alden?  "   or  " British shoes are...
Alden for me.  They just look better.   Do they do something to prep their leathers prior to the dye and finish process ? Why do AE 4 BB, with BB badging, often look better than AE's own products ?  Dove tail heels on AE ! ?   With comparable styles, yes, Alden costs more.  Are labor costs a factor ?  What does a Massachusetts journeyman union cobbler make at 5 years seniority,  at 15 years seniority ?  What does AE  pay in Wisconsin ?  AE offshores, too !  Which one is...
How do you make Gold Toes last that long ?.  Do you have a very large sock supply for rotation or are you wearing a larger size to compenate for shrinkage ?   Being at the top of the 10-13 sock size range, Gold Toe crews hole out in the heel in 6 to 9 months  for me.
I am over 60 with a stovepipe hip and waist section. I'm looking for premium jeans with minumum effects or no effects  -- fading, ageing, whiskers, etc --  that are not hip boxy and butt droopy  but wont push into the groin area or have short zippers .  My front rise is 10" and my back rise is 14".  Because of desired leg dimensions, my current top  choices are J Brand Kane , and AG Graduate.  Sevens seem to be too manipulated with effects and Hudsons are out becaiuse of...
My experience with two pair of Alden dress or dress/casual shoes makes me hesitant to buy another pair. Both pair were EUC, hardly worn, from Ebay. First, a pair of Welterweights ( cousin of the All Weather Walker) was a miserable clunker. Then, a pair of medallion cap toes, the famous 909, that are not bearable without heavy foam inserts. On the other side, a pair of Cape Cod Mocc Oxfords, H943/42/46 have been dreams . We hear alot on craftsmanship, leather...
That much value ?
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