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Fantasic bottle green grenadine
And Vifa is the answer.  http://www.vifa.dk/products/copenhagen/
X-post from WAYWRN classy thread... Casual (by SF standards  ) in early spring.  Poszetka shantung bow tieMassimo Dutti shirtScotch & Soda cotton waistcoatSamsöe Samsöe chinosTiger of Sweden beltPRL OTC socksLoake Asquith
@Amiro555 The main thing to be pay attention to here is how wide the wings spread out.  If they are wider than your jaw-line it is going to look clown-ish   The height seems fine for you - I have 2", 2 1/4 and 2½" bow ties and I also find that they have different expressions. But if the "overall size" bothers you try and squeeze the blades towards the knot. It will not help with the height of the blades, but it can give the impression that the bow tie isn't as volumious.
The collection so far.   From left --> right   Berg&Berg (wool/silk) Custom VaVa neckwear (silk) Berg&Berg (unlined silk) Philosophy Blues Original (silk) Berg&Berg (unlined silk) Poszetka (silk grenadine) Poszetka (shantung silk) Berg&Berg (cotton) ConnexionDK (double sided cotton/silk) SuitSupply (wool/silk) Poszetka (shantung silk)
Casual (by SF standards  ) in early spring.     Poszetka shantung bow tie Massimo Dutti shirt Scotch & Soda cotton waistcoat Samsöe Samsöe chinos Tiger of Sweden belt PRL OTC socks Loake Asquith
Shantung in the sun.       
Sunny day in Denmark. Spring is coming.        Loake Asquith Ralph Lauren OTC navy/green Samsöe Samsöe chinos          - And the shantung bow tie to match the green in the socks.
 No way!!It's casual and yes, there are patterns in both top and bottom - but they don't clash in any way! I think it's pretty well-balanced with the brown palette - and perfectly toned down with the solid tie and light shirt. - Keep doing your thing!
Quick snapshot before going to class.       Jacket and pants are from Bertoni The oxford shirt is Minimum Grenadine bowtie and lapel flower from Poszetka Berg & Berg pocket square Shoes are from a company called Ahler
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