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Shoot! Then it's UK9,5 apparently ... And US10... Sorry for the hiccup.
 I wear a US 9 (EU 43) and the Large in the Berg&Berg (Bresciani) socks. They fit like they should, and I would be worried about a size M (EU size 41/42) being too small for me. So the shoe size they have given match pretty accurately IMO.
Less than 48 hours until Berg&Berg are down 30-50%   Lots of great ties and pocket squares IMO.   I hope the grenadines won't go too fast       ... 
The wonderful unlined crisp silk from Berg & Berg.
X-posting from Rock your socks - because Loake's deserve it!  
Presenting the lovely Loake Asquith 1880 in olive suede accompanied by Berg & Berg cotton socks and light bordeaux chinos.     
GREAT ISSUE!!!!!   Props to 38R, TTO, upr_crust, Amar ezzahi and coxsackie!!!!
[[SPOILER]] Quote: Originally Posted by Odradek Finally the weather is starting to look like May.After a winter in their box, I'm wearing my Loake Asquiths today.  [[SPOILER]]   I absolutely LOVE mine as well!!!
 Perhaps extensive color correction and the direct sunlight took this from loud --> screaming?? Here is a photo with the shirt and bow tie in-doors...   While I do agree that the amount of colors+patterns in the overall look could be toned down I do not believe that this is a bold/bright/loud bow tie... medium blue cotton in a subtle pattern - that is the definition of a safe bow tie.......
    Along with a pair of beige chinos... 
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