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YET ANOTHER Polish company that offers a true bow tie bonanza! https://embassyofelegance.com/en_US/index   I wrote Pawel (one of the owners) regarding the bow ties, and he told me they do made-to-measure bow ties for only 5 € on top of regular prices (33 €)!! - There's my savings gone for the next few months!!            Grenadine fina and grossa in many colors. as well as the usual suspects in wool and printed silk. Sunday just got exciting!
News from bow tie-land!!!   Poland is dishing out some really interesting stuff!!  POSZEKTA.COM   Striped and solid self tie grenadines, shantung and ancient madder ... I'm going to try a few of them and return with a review.. If the quality holds up that's a ridiculously good price!  
 I'm going to try out some of their bow ties. The designs are awesome. Grenadine and shantung are pretty scarce materials in bow tie-land... 
I didn't like the slim fit at all. The fabric and collar is excellent but there was too much fabric around the arms as well as the torso. I have a super slim in the mail - I will post a picture as soon as it comes through the door. 
Pulled the trigger on one of the SuitSupply wool/silk (95/5 %) bowties! Amazing quality/price ratio!!!       
13" for wool for sure!I have NO need for extra fabric in my pocket with Drake's 17" 90/10% wool/silk (they are still lovely though) Soft silk squares can be 13" or 17" - It's much easier to work with and I haven't had problems with the larger silk squares.
If in doubt leave it out. Or white linen... :-)
 Well.. No. Not in any thinkable way are these fit for adults.... "clip-on", "fun" and "unconventional" are not adjectives that should refer to a bow tie! Not the way it's being portrayed here at least... THIS is fun and unconventional...   A "fun" diamond point shaped bow tie in an "unconventional" fabric (grenadine) ...The more you know...
I have friends visiting the states in April, so shipping and handling will be free for US as well.
30-50 % over at http://bergbergstore.com
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