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13" for wool for sure!I have NO need for extra fabric in my pocket with Drake's 17" 90/10% wool/silk (they are still lovely though) Soft silk squares can be 13" or 17" - It's much easier to work with and I haven't had problems with the larger silk squares.
If in doubt leave it out. Or white linen... :-)
 Well.. No. Not in any thinkable way are these fit for adults.... "clip-on", "fun" and "unconventional" are not adjectives that should refer to a bow tie! Not the way it's being portrayed here at least... THIS is fun and unconventional...   A "fun" diamond point shaped bow tie in an "unconventional" fabric (grenadine) ...The more you know...
I have friends visiting the states in April, so shipping and handling will be free for US as well.
30-50 % over at http://bergbergstore.com
Price reduced 10% for a quick christmas sale!  A Seamaster You don't see very often. From 1969 with the chronometer certified caliber 751 which is usually found in the Constellation series. 36,5 mm Steel case with a height of 11,2 mm. The dial is a story all on its own: The champagne effect when it's hit by light is quite spectacular, and the sunburst polish on the bezel is still perfectly maintained. The dial and case is unpolished, glass, crown and leather...
Bumped. Make me an offer. December has drained my account - I would like to move these.
 Welcome Marc You are going to be drowning in information on this forum - and that's a good thing! 
.   Bordeaux silk with wool/silk Drake's square... oh, and an acorn! 
My contribution. Excuse the bad quality - I didn't get the chance to take the photos outside... ah well. dark navy Tiger of Sweden Massimo Dutti shirtBordeaux silk bow tie from Philosophy Blues OriginalDrake's pocket squareChrysanthemum in vintage lapel vase Oh - and here I went subtle with the irish linen instead of Drake's elephants...  Finally got to use that lapel vase!   [[SPOILER]]
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