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Can anyone tell me, are the Burheads in a size 4 equivalent to a size 32 or 30?     Hard to tell from measurements since the waist has elastic.
So will all of the jeans from Acne eventually go on sale, or do only certain styles go on sale each season?
When does Acne usually have their winter sale?
if whoever bought the alcantara paul smith pants from ssense in 32 is on here ...let me know if they don't work out ;)   guess I was too slow
So happy to have pulled the trigger on my second Geller piece this sweater ...and they still have another one left at 12345.  The texture is amazing in person  
This is my favorite fitting u-neck so far...   Just wish they made them in better colors and fabrics... and I wish the sleeves were a tad longer
That's definitely more like what I'm looking for.  Would need to see the fabric.  Still like the Geller shirt far better :)   but maybe wouldn't mind having both!
Tha'ts definitely close.  Wish it had a lower neck line and no pocket.  Thanks, will have to watch them for more.
Can anyone here recommend some other designers who makes a deep neck baseball shirt like the one above?  Maybe even one with long sleeves too.   Only other one I know of is Emiliano Rinaldi...well with long sleeves.
wow I need this shirt....been wanting a shirt like that for a while and now it finally exists...looks so much nicer than the previous baseball shirt.  Much better neckline and fabric.   
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