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Belts and watches and jackets/coats. I had a 50+ year old spring loaded automatic Omega Constellation that has been passed down in my family for 2 generations that I now refuse to wear for the shear sentimental value isn't worth the risk of damaging/losing it. Waiting for the day I can get another one to wear instead. Oh, and half asian women too. Though sometimes I'll relax the rules and allow the other half to be asian too heh.
Wierd how you're always supplied with two swatches instead of just one. Maybe one to give to your significant other to help in a search? heh
Hey, I know the wardrobe for the Matrix was all custom done, but this thing has been intrigued me to no end. The thing I'm wondering about is in regards to the Merovingian's suit. Connected to the lapels and the tie were two things that looked metal (pins?). I've never seen those before and I'm wondering if they were just made up for the movie, or if they're actually some sort of accessory that I've never heard of. Sorry if I can't be more expressive, I'm talking about the...
I got this thing from Costco a while back (I think they still sell it) that all my friends had and seem quite usefull. It's a customizeable set of ? magical cubes ? for lack of a better description. Basically you get like a bunch of metal grills square in shape and then corner connectors and you can assemble them together in whatever way you want. I find folding my sweaters and knits etc and putting them in a cubby-hole configuration works nice for airing out my clothes...
I say keep the shoes. I'm 21 turning 22 and I noticed too that most guys within a relatively close age bracket are either turning to the style of shoe you bought with the stitching around the top edges of the toes (but I've been seeing mostly black matte leather) or to the Diesel style runners. If you're looking for 'different but fits in', you're going to be spending a lot of your time doing just that: looking. Having a shoe that doesn't stand out isn't that big a deal....
I've been wearing Banana Republic Stretch T's as undershirts, a couple of them black, and couple white with a mix in vneck and crew neck's for different times depending on what I'm wearing them under. They've been quite confortable and fit very well which I attribute to the small percentage of lycra/spandex in the shirt. Been meaning to go back and grab a couple more lately too.
Really? I always thought Caban was just Club Monaco's IKEA heh. Never really ventured in there for that reason too. Thanks. Maybe I'll go check it out tonight.
I've been around and I haven't seen any anywhere. Anybody know where I can find some?
Wow. I didn't expect such a strong and quick response. After reading those excerpts from Alan Flusser's book, many of my feelings about how clothes should fit were reinforced, especially about the trousers. Thanks all for the helpful tips.
As a university student who now's only beginning to find my own preferences in style I sometimes wonder how it is that people can tell differences in quality that don't seem apparent to me. For the most part, I've only been looking at the way the fabric feels to my skin when I wear it (esp in terms of pants). My friends offer no help in these regards and can't seem to understand why I might even want a $350 pair of cotton Zegna (don't know which line) pants that felt like...
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