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 It does not seem to be legit.  You can check URLs here to see if it's an authorised seller:  http://www.barbour.com/counterfeit-education
 The wool used in the Inverallan MTO is available as "Kilcarra" wool on ebay.  But the colours have different names: 4644 Portnoo is 4644 Wine Red4742 Ballyliffen is 4742 Warm Greyetc Buying enough to make a sweater will get pretty expensive unless you can find a cheaper source.
I disagree that it's "extremely tight" or that the first pic is the only one that can be judged.  In the third pic there is clearly room around your midsection.  It might stretch out in areas where you have less room, but with a 32" waist, i doubt the midsection will stretch, or even needs to.    But if tightness is an issue in the parts visible in that first photo, maybe you could loan it for a while to a friend who has a pot belly and wider hips.
 I can't view the Orlebar sale either.  It re-directs me to a different URL with no sale tab and everything full priced. It works if you follow this address (the one from the screencap): http://www.orlebarbrown.com.au/men/private-sale/0b162382Br0wn2o13 I received my shipping confirmation on a Tuesday, and it arrived on the Friday of the same week.
I did a double take when I found this one  
  That's great news!  I got in on the hatch grain boots.  Can't wait to see how they turn out!   Carmina sure must be busy these days, with all these orders coming in
How can you tell?  X-ray vision?
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