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Quote: I think the 'Loading more products, please be patient...' feature is broken, not just slow;  At least on my computer.  The individual product pages still load reasonably quickly, but the 'please be patient' thing on the sale page is permanently frozen.
It's disappointing to see the reaction to this question.  Isn't it a reasonable thing to ask?    Are outfits put together with no consideration of how/where/when they will be worn?
For those who don't follow the sales threads, the Mr Porter sale opened up to Australians a few hours ago.   I think it's becoming a tradition for me to do most of my winter knitwear purchases at the height of summer. 
 This one?   The shoulders don't seemed dropped.,blue+static+mix,pull+torso+crew+neck.html 
 Here are the full details from the email: "As a valued customer of END., we would like to offer you an exclusive 20% OFF our Autumn/Winter 2014 collections.*Please use the code AUTUMN14 at the checkout.Offer ends midnight (GMT) Sunday 19th October, 2014.*Certain items and brands are excluded from this offer." Perhaps you could try a different brand and see if that works?  It works for me, but i only tested a few winter knits.
I think they are made for Purdey by Crockett & Jones, but i'm not sure.  I had them bookmarked from the last time this conversation happened.  Maybe another forum member has more information.  Or you could email them and ask who the maker is.  To me they look exactly like my conistons, only a different colour.
There are some boots at Purdey that look like a Coniston boot in dark brown.
 For some brands it does.  Here's Sportscraft's pant sizing:  Pants sometimes have longer inseams for the larger sizes (like in the chart above).  The jump in inseam length usually happens between sizes 32 and 34.When pants or jeans are available in two different inseam lengths, Regular (32 inches) or Long (34 inches), the longer version is often unavailable on the smallest sizes (28, 30, sometimes 32).
 It does not seem to be legit.  You can check URLs here to see if it's an authorised seller:
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