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So just a cold soak? What did Karl do with his isc?
so i bought the indigo jumper and want to preserve the color. i was thinking a cold soak. i've heard cold soak + vinegar? anyone have any experience with this?
FYI- if you buy and return things with "frequency", they will start to charge you shipping and return shipping   not complaining, just an fyi
 i've never seen them do a free shippinghaven't seen a 70% in a while now...
i have- i don't remember any CS issues
i have to get my jumper sleeve length shortened- cold soak before? warm soak before? was trying to avoid a warm soak to keep the color 
email sent!
myhabit has their gitman blue line and gitman bros up. free shipping if you use a mastercard. no GBV
I love the length :-P
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