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had 2x items in my cart- both sold out from under me
not up yet
Lt parka- how big are those pockets? The Baker pockets are too big for me, wondering how big these are
I have some pants from about 3-4 years ago. Cotton canvas, don't remember the name. I wear them climbing regularly. Some side seems have failed (easy repair) and then I lost some of the fly buttons. Luckily I bought up when they were on sale. No tears in fabric despite heavy abuse but YMMV. Can't speak about the newer stuff
I'm sure some will. I think indigo and Cotton just get their order in early
Anyone have a recommendation for resole in Seattle?
i understand the small company thing but how is it that there are not better measurements? when i sell things on ebay/grailed, i can put measurements up...
New drops w extra 25% off at need supply
probably best to try and get/find measurements online
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