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are the arms on the jacket lined too?
nevermind- it works when you add the item to cart. thanks!
the drop in price is gone
the wool bow tie site is down
waxed canvas blanket lined jacket... $385   http://theclassroomshop.com/new-arrivals/supply-jacket-waxed-canvas.html
Karl- is there anyway for those of us not in LA to get in on this?
where did you get it?
what do people think of this fit?   you can see a gap at the front of the shoe (esp on the right) and my wide feet poking out the sides... i can walk around in them without tripping over the fronts but worried about what might happen in a few months after some stretch...  
why no xs in any gbv?
still learning but: 1- whats the alternative to a goodyear welt (good or bad)2- whats the advantage of a goodyear welt?
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