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ditto- would love to know the answer to this
i have one of those but from needsupply. i thought it ran GTTS (gitman true to size)
i bought a shaggy flannel a year or two ago and its a bit tight on the last button (always has been)   i bought the portugese flannel this year and they fit wonderfully- do you think if i bought another shaggy flannel this year it would fit better?
if anyone got one in XS that doesn't work, let me know- i'll take if off your hands
i feel like this thread has turned into the sale thread, not that i'm complaining 
i think xs but it depends on what you want to wear underneath it
never seen it from GBV before outside the MTO. ditto on the burgundy flannel... would love to find either one on sale...
i'll take your shirts if you have em in xs or s...
yea- i think it was a 3 day event
makes sense. i really like the look of it too. i usually wear my shirts buttoned. i tried to then put stuff in that pocket and then reach my hand in and pull stuff out (like an internal jacket pocket). end result: i couldn't without unbuttoning and then felt silly. however, i still like the detail. i might use the pocket as a secret cash stash pocket.
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