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do you find it stretches them at all?
jcrew repp stripe tie for acidtest64   buyer responsible for fees 
i use shampoo, it usually works out fairly well
BoO has their collab shoe on 60% off- $160   I bought a pair of 5.5 beefrolls- fits to a tee with stretching out. Would a size 6 work? Would love to have a second pair,esp in navy
 I think... - the variation between shirts is due to the fact that they wash the shirts before they leave the factory. the shirts shrink differing amounts leading to the variation. i can't imagine that they have that many different cuts on the factory line; it would be a nightmare to have that kind of variation for each shirt- the difference between the different lines of gitman are probably to cater to different people- the difference in fit with collaborations probably...
excellent! hope you get a few in xs...
will you guys be stocking the wool-lined jacket this fall?   http://blueowlworkshop.blogspot.com/2014/03/rogue-territory-fallwinter-2014-preview.html
i've had my tailor shorten it and follow the hem line. works well if you have a competent tailor
they're washed and shrunk @ the factory post creation
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