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how do these shoes fit? true to size?
penny loafers are on massdrop now- 7 days to go   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/rancourt-company-penny-loafers
I received a pair where one side had the panel and the other did not... The material seems different than the first generation runs. Seems like the old ones had more texture. I would also say that the front panels run too long
anymore RgT in 28 coming in? looking at those officer chinos...
thanks- any comparison to the fit of a gbv?
anyone have experience with this brand? how does it fit? how's the quality?
how does the shirting compare to a gitman in terms of size/quality? i normally wear an xs in gitman
ditto- def not office wear and maybe even not summer wear given the weight... they do have great mobility though for rock climbing 
$100... sigh...
do people cut off the RgT tag or leave it on? just curious what people's take on it are... if you cut it off, do you have any ideas for it or just throw it in the trash?
New Posts  All Forums: