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where did you get it?
what do people think of this fit?   you can see a gap at the front of the shoe (esp on the right) and my wide feet poking out the sides... i can walk around in them without tripping over the fronts but worried about what might happen in a few months after some stretch...  
why no xs in any gbv?
still learning but: 1- whats the alternative to a goodyear welt (good or bad)2- whats the advantage of a goodyear welt?
when do you replace the dovetail? i've worn my beefrolls for about 20 days now and it's about halfway through the rubber already!
pardon the ignorance (i'm just joining the club) but what is a dovetail
looks like it. you could always give it a try since they have free shipping and free returns
wtf... still not working for me...
websites says it include shoes, when you add it to cart and checkout, the code doesn't work on rancourts. wondering if its only CM products only and not third party products
does rancourt ever do coupon code?
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