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Also best ways to care for it!
Anyone seen sneaks of SS17 drop 2? Trying to decide if I should wait to put in an be order or just pull the trigger now...
Damn, that is a sweet jacket.... I wear an XS in everything EG... wonder if I could fit the small...
Try East Dane, they usually have the shorter collar model. They stopped carrying XS though 😒
Yes but you should do it anyways
I get it but it seems silly since other stores already have their stuff up- I'm trying to decide if I should buy now (in case is size sell out) or wait for your drops
Can you share your buylist for EG and RGT?
New drops at Notre shop Someone please buy the wool Chester so I don't... Please....
didn't see measurements on the site earlier- any idea?
Look like jack Purcell's
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