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if anyone went to the garage sale and got XS or 28 they don't want, PM me!!!
if anyone wants me to take their pair to golden gardens and soak em in the water and dry em in the seattle sun, i'd be more than happy to
how do you figure?
i have a feeling its the new strider cut but i honestly hope its not- i really like the back pocket details on the regular the new sashiko shirt looks a lot like a shirt from the gitman FW2014 line seen herehttp://global.rakuten.com/en/store/explorer/item/2149030307/ 
if you're an XS, PM me. i have some NWT that i don't want anymore. 
resurrecting again:   i need to have about 2" taken off a jacket with functional buttons. thinking shoulder alteration will be the best way. my usual guy is adam on jackson but i think this may be too hard for him to do. read khulman's reviews on yelps- looks like a lot of botched alterations from the shoulder and unpredictable work   sigfried?
ah, was going to get those bru na boinne shorts in tomatoe size 0 but someone beat me to it!
anyone wash and dry their "sun down" shirt yet? any shrinkage?
wish unionmade would stock XS, esp those gitman collabsalso glad that they don't cause it makes it easier to say no.... except now i'm grabing tendor mugs...
thanks everyone. anyone seen available/have for trade one of these in an xs? http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/engineered-garments/work-shirt-red-plaid-cotton-linen-twill
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