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bought the XS, put on an oxford and sweater and it all fit underneath. a bit snug but it fit beautifully.
do black denim fade to grey?
ditto- this would cost you a lot if someone was willing to go through with it  much easier to do but still complicated given how the supply jackets are sewn at the wrist. you could do it but might lost some of the details which makes it not worth it in my mind.you might be able to shrink a supply jacket instead of hemming it?
i wear a supply jacket in XS perfectly. size up or same for the lined supply? from the sizing on the website, looks like the XS lined supply is a tad larger? reports are saying that you need to size up though...
the rgt waxed lined canvas supply jacket is up- no XS?
What's the bow program?
I believe they said late sept/Oct
I have a local tailor alter mine, worked out so far
 seconded. there's no stretch material sewn into a gitman shirt so it will not stretch
awesome.  i'm an xs in the jumper and it seems like everyone sizes 1 down for the work shirt, which puts me out of the size range, so the shrink in my case is a good thing and fairly important to me
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