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 can't get the UK site to process the order to ship the USA on END
looks like its 1USD to 0.73GBP right now...
 looks like 1 USD = 1.37 GBPwhen i look at the prices UK v US, they actually come out the same since the prices in GBP are lower than USD- i guess you have more inventory to choose from now is the gain
i had a pair of rancourt so i got the same sizei went true to brancock device
have em - love emthe leather is amazing and softens up nicely really comfortable
anyone from the US order internationally? haven't done it before
does RRL ever have coupon codes?
on the flip side, i love the mushrooms
i would call that a defect and send CS a pic for repair/replacement
not sure you how found that but good eye- thanks!
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