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both- when i've bought them under the gitman vintage label, no differences in fit (except the standard variation between shirts), design, and fabric.  the gitman bros uses the same fabric, unsure about fit
I've bought GBV off both gilt and myhabit, no difference as long as it out marked as GBV and not gitman bros
yea except then they started to tell me that i had to pay for return shipping because of the higher volume of my returns...
if anyone has an XS ISC they want to part with, PM me
yea, that one
I know this has been discussed, but i couldn't find it. Where is the rgt pen from?
I wonder if its still made in the usa and if the quality will drop like woth other target collabs
yea- great price, thats why i'm asking about the weight
anyone have the overdyed denim? how's it fading?
anyone have the wool-linen chore jacket? comment on weight?
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