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if anyone is eyeing the double face blackwatch, be warned- the side is fairly aggressively cut similar to an EG shirt
why dont the ivy shirts come in XS???
that would imply someone made one this year... but who?
Do the natural canvas Stanton not have a leather patch on the back?
a few crucial words that are very important to some of us when we decide where to spend our dollars... i'm sure we'll hear back that its all made in the USA still
ditto, i know what you mean. i can't wear BoO for that reason
ditto on an xs
do you wear that with a tie? what's it look like?
minimal pocket flare. i have the older ones from last summer (?). the pocket has a white lining so the little flare i get gives it nice contrast
can we just organize one ourselves instead of going through SF? i could take point since i live in seattle... just need to know if SF is moving fwd...
New Posts  All Forums: