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so what's so awesome about the fabric?how do you think it will age? it's hard for me to tell from just these internet pics :-(
Black cinch pants, 8.5oz (?) twill from FW15, size 30 Brand new, never worn, no tags   I just don't seem to ever want to wear black pants...   Ask $165 shipped Orig: $250
i would get measurements
I think they fit like most EG jackets, on the small side. The fit does change btw fabrics though
i bought the cord this year- love iti have the herringbone from last season- love that one too...
any proxies? looking for EG in 28 and XS and nonnative hats
Looks like the jumper neppy flannel doesn't have collar buttons but the other jumpers still do!
bought it for FW16- runs small which could make the heavier fabric fit "funny"personally, have no issues with the fit and i love it
what's that jacket called?
I have the "Yosemite" fairends collaboration shirt- the color is really bright, if this is the same fabric
New Posts  All Forums: