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jumper brown chambray shirt: why is the right chest pocket on the inside?
Custom? Are they still going
if anyone has a stealth trouser in 28 they don't want anymore (or you know where i can get one), please PM me!
i was just there a month or two ago. huge second on central provisions. if you're looking for a morning bagel/coffee, Standard Baking Company. drinks at Hunt + Alpine Club and Vena's Fizz House (non-alcoholic but really good mixology and they can tell you what cocktails to make with their tonics/bitters/etc).   oh and the PDG store is amazing. my girlfriend loved it too- they have a great women's section. 
The fit variation is because they wash the fabric after sewing. The fabrics have different amounts of shrink. It's a good thing they wash em afterwards otherwise you would buy your size and then it would shrink to a variable size when you wanted it at home and might not be able to wear it
ditto for this one: http://store.apolisglobal.com/jackets/indigo-stripe-chore-jacket/#raw-indigo i think the black indigo would look pretty good faded, hopefully the black would fade out giving more prominence to the indigo fades? i dunno, i've just got a rainbow of black and indigo going on in my head
With the bleeding in the ISC, what do you wear under it? I want but am scared
what do people use to condition and clean their non-brown shoes? i have a navy pair of beefrolls that need a little upkeep...
will there be a re-stock on the stealth trousers?
Quilted suede hunting vest, kop? New to this....
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