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 did you see the statement credit come through?
50% off at gitman http://gitmanvintage.com/
i think US places use the cheapest (and therefore slowest) shipping whereas overseas may not have as many options for delivery and have to bump it up? just a guess
Mr p- How do people order sale items post sale? I have the items book marked, will that bring it up or did it need to be saved on the site?
so it's not that the US dollar is stronger than the GBP, it just that the GBP isn't as strong as it used to be and therefore prices are better than before
ok so 1gbp = 1.32usd how is this a better deal for those in US with the whole brixit deal and gbp decline
Any in store Portland sales to hit up while I'm here?
 can't get the UK site to process the order to ship the USA on END
looks like its 1USD to 0.73GBP right now...
 looks like 1 USD = 1.37 GBPwhen i look at the prices UK v US, they actually come out the same since the prices in GBP are lower than USD- i guess you have more inventory to choose from now is the gain
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