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i love the shorter length tops!
the new sun up/sun down shirt- cotton? size chart looks like the run big...
previous one's had a fake fly
 no, poor picture. the hole itself is fine, its the fabric above the hole that completely shred apartgbv and i are figuring it out
i have the blackwatch- it runs very small. mine also has this strange high cut at the sides, kind of like a EG shirt...
for the previous pair that came out last summer, i bought a small and it fit perfectly. i normally wear a 28-29 waist
argh, if anyone got the burgundy flannel in XS and is not wanting, PM me please!!!
Anyone else have issues with button holes? Would this be consided a manufacuterer defect? Only wore the shirt a couple of times.... Repairable?
mine was washed by accident, the fades on the striped chore coat came out
New Posts  All Forums: