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i would say leave it and just let it happen
new stuff is up @ snakeoilprovisions, no xs...
right, wasn't sure cause the officer chinos so far have been canvas and not denim. thought this might be similar to the tan trouser pants
i've got a navy unlined linen GBV jacket in 36, NWT if anyone's interested it was a collab with context a few springs ago
what exactly is a bronzed selvedge... 
what's overlocking?
anyone have the camp pants? did they shrink in wash?
new birdseye sold out before i could even login this AM... argggg
i think they were bound to bring back camo and leopard print at some point, maybe they should have waited longer or switched to a same but different one? i think that would be hard to do with a blackwatch 
maybe if we start now we can get a SF group buy for this winter 2015?
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