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if anyone finds/bought the olive/brown herringbone bedford in XS and doesn't want it, let me know...   has anyone seen the baker in brown wool flannel? thoughts? 
just got my first order (my order is coming in 3 parts...) keepinghill-side blanket shoes- these are awesome and the back heel is stamped "the hill-side". not sure i'll return and wait until sale season, i don't see this selling that well for some reasonhill-side herringbone grey pants- i have the jacket and this matches fabric perfectly. only downside is the workwear double fabric from the knee down. going to ask my tailor if it can be taken out... going to be...
its a heavy twill. i'll get some picture with the cuffs folded 
I do. Gotta have them hemmed first. I anyone has a 28 in the cinch navy twill and wants to trade for my size 30, PM. Wont br hemming for a little while
Stopped in at nordys in bellevue today, no eg stocked yet. Sales guy thought maybe next week...
Youre right, thanks for the reminder. I just got excited
deets on those chukkas?
I think it looks right for when you have your arm extendedHits at the wrist when arms are by your side? That's what is be more concerned about since the wrist doesn't tapper
i love it. it didn't make my up front purchase list. if it's still kicking around in my size around sale season, i'll def be looking for it
 I'm 5'1", 125lbs, athletic chest and shoulders I would say the length was spot on, the sleeves were maybe 0.5-1" too long. The chest was probably 1-2" too wide
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