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  You could get away with anything but black. Depending on the charcoal it could work but you would have to see. Blues, greys, and earth tones will work.
The pants look good. And for once it seems they got the shoulders right the first time which is good news for you. I would get it remade as it looks like it needs an inch and a half out. And depending on how good your tailor is you will be able to see the old seem in certain light. If you are going for the modern, a little but of tug on the button, look you can probably get it taken out enough but there is the chance you will be able to see the old seam (I have never had...
  The sleeves shouldn't bunch up in the overcoat. Either the overcoat sleeves are too slim, or the suit jacket sleeves are too big. An overcoat (made to go over a suit jacket) is not going to have very high arm holes. You should still have movement and shouldn't be as low as a 80s-90s suit. But should be low enough to fit a suit in it.
Why would you put on a sport shirt to go get the mail, or it you have sleeves rolled up and a number of other things. And most importantly it will speak to the quality of the coat. Please think things through before you post.
  It may be a good deal. I never buy an overcoat without trying it on. Companies will charge a lot of money for a very nice coat on the outside, and an uncomfortable interior. I bought an overcoat for around that money once and returned it after the first time wearing it with a short sleeve shirt. I would go to a brooks brothers, maybe a j. crew or something. I would look online for overcoats in your price range and then go to the stores.   Navy is a good choice to go...
  You can wear a tie with that shirt no problem. the problem is the plaid shirt, WITH the plaid suit. If you have a solid suit I would go with that and it will make picking out a tie easier. A solid wine or a grenadine. Even a blue would work.
I am having some trouble with some side-tabs on some suit pants I have.The first picture shows the only way to get a little bit of hold. The second picture (the way they are suppose to hold) Doesn't hold at all. There is almost no effort at all needed to pull it apart. Anyway to make this better I very much like the look. And when they are initially holding it is great, I don't like having to constantly pull the tabs tighter. Thanks    
Right I get that. But I don't understand why a bespoke suit doesn't need it. Where an OTR suit does.
  I have never had a peak lapel with the stitching. What is the difference between mine and OTR peak lapels?
  It could work for a suit. I would go for a fancier shoe though. Even to wear with jeans. I've never heard anyone criticize me for overdressing their shoes. I have only heard people compliment it. Assuming your not wearing a t-shirt.
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