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You should probably talk to him individually before or after your group meets.  Calling him out in front of the group will most likely cause him to get passive aggressive.  If he acts up with you in front of the group after you had a private discussion, then he'll look more like an ass.  It'll make it easier to get the rest of the group on your side
^^Deltron 3030 is a great album
You should do an online PhD. I hear they are the wave of the future
An MBA is one of those programs where you really benefit by going full time.  Top schools focus more on networking and job placement than academics.  Many classes are case-based and the benefits come from the in-class discussions and group projects.    To answer your question: I'd go with Kelley and save the money. 
Congrats!  I know what you mean....I have 2 masters and when I mention going back for a PhD my wife and friends groan.  After 15 years of working in the financial services industry, I'm bored to death.  I know that's not enough reason to go back to grad school, but it's at least enough to start seriously exploring the option.   Good luck  
^^This is great.  Thanks!
I'm definitely interested at seeing the reading list.  Thanks!    
Thanks for the feedback fellas.  I'll start searching for some phd forums now. 
Hello all.  Bumping this thread to ask a quick question.  I completed my MBA a few years ago and am thinking about applying for a phd in organizational management.  I talked to a few friends in doctoral programs now and they've suggested to reach out to professors in the field that you are interested in.  My question is:  do I send a "cover letter" style email to them and ask to speak with them in person?  Or is that a turnoff to professors?
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