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I enjoy their teas.  Very inexpensive as well.
Regarding my Denzel Washington story, I should clarify that Washington wasn't being narcissistic, he was just accustomed to people recognizing and staring at him.
When you get old like me, you realize it's a waste of time to watch a Hollywood remake of a perfectly good foreign film.
    [with a look that said, Yeah, it's me.  Denzel Washington.  In the flesh. ]
I was in a store years ago.  After a while, I came to realize there was a man standing nearby wearing a veil.  He just stood there for a long time.  I noticed him.  He looked back at me through the veil, as if being noticed was why he was there.  Yes, it was Michael Jackson.   I was playing pickup basketball and this tall, athletic black man was on our team.  He dominated every game, shooting from outside, taking it to the basket, rebounding, defense... He looked...
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