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  Blue sweater; white, button down underneath; dark jeans; brown belt; BUT WHAT SHOES??? (sorry, colors got a bit washed out)
Thanks, man.   Seemed like too good a resource to be true.
I've seen some cheap prices.   Overall, have people had good or bad experiences with this?
Hey y'all I have a small wrist (just over 6" circumference) and was looking for simple, masculine watches between $100-$400 that're 40-41mm.   The Nixons, Hamiltons, and Lacos I like would all be too big for my wrist. Suggestions?
Is this the cheapest/best place you guys have found in san francisco that makes bespoke suits?
Nobody likes dented shoes.   For my newest pairs I kept any tissue they came with and I just take care of 'em that way.   But I want all my shoes to maintain that full-ness and never get depressed. How do I ensure this
Long-time lurker, first time poster... I'd never bought anything from a thrift store in my life (no elitist). After browsing through this thread for months, I stepped into a thrift store and found some awesome stuff fo' cheap. And I can see myself going back in the future.   Picked these up for $20. Will be great for upcoming shorts season. Cole Haan Wingtip Loaders (?) - Brown Suede     Hope to be a regular contributor to this thread in the...
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