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  Puttind AE trees in Alden Shoes wouldn't be bad for the shoe? Or should I just order Woodlore trees from Amazon?
I don't believe there is a shoemaker anywhere around town, and the only place that sells Alden shoes carries nothing in stock.
I just got some Alden 994's (Barrie Last). Now I am poor and still need to buy shoe trees. Do I have to spend another $50 to get Alden branded ones, or are there any other brands that would fit in the shoe and do the job for a cheaper price? Does Anyone know who makes the trees that Alden put their logo on?
You're being paranoid. If you keep you jacket on, most loops would never be visible.
  It not the heat, it's the humidity, and it's a realistic fact we live with down here. That's why we wear so much seersucker.
For my business casual workplace, that occasionally lands me at a construction site or wastewater treatment plant I can't wear pants that would make me cry if they got ruined, so I go with LL  Bean.
A linen suit with suspenders is a good southern look. It's very common to see suspenders down here, especially on a linen suit, because of the intended purpose - to wear in a warm situation, i.e. one where you might be sweating. As linen gets wet (from sweat) it gets heavy. Suspenders do a good job of holding these heavy sweaty pants up better than a belt would. Also the belt compresses the waistband to the waist, which can trap in heat. Also, I think it is perfectly...
I'm not sure where in the world you are, but if you wear a suit a dozen times in New Orleans in the summer with out cleaning it, it will stand up and walk off on its own.
  Remind me not to stand too close to you in september.
You are very welcome.
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