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  I really like the look and fit of the jacket.
  This is my impression as well. However, I work in IT, from home, and live in the American West where an interest in clothes is almost weird.
The only iGents I know are the folks who post in WAYWRN. :-)
 If I understand the classic menswear hierarchy of formality, a balmoral is more formal than a blucher; less detailing is more formal then less. So, a wholecut with no gingerbread is more formal than a heavily brogued wingtip, and so on.Your description of your business environment and that you're not wearing a suit leads me to believe it's a less formal environment, but that's only an impression based on slight information.If your heart is set on a laced shoe, a brogued...
@mycloud, from the little you presented, where you are removing your shoes regularly, and were I in that situation, I would probably select a nice pair of loafers. Something like these Kent Wang shoes perhaps.  
I'm not sure anyone else could pull off that jacket, but I very much enjoy seeing you wear it.
Originally Posted by SYCSYC   I'm new to following this forum instead of searching around for answers. One thing I'm finding that stands out is how well people match and contrast textures as well as color. These all stood out to me recently.
  Just wanted to say that I've never been much a fan of striped suits, this is beautiful.
  Two questions about pants to pair with these.   Cotton or linen?   White or cream?
I need a new pair of black captoe balmorals.   Because I hated how most of them look, I went cheap and bought a used pair of Ferrogamos with glued on soles from Ebay. Fine. They served to convince me that a black captoe can look good, but they leather is pulling away from the soles, so it's time to get a quality pair.   I'm looking at Santoni, Kent Wang, and Meerim both the hand-welted and the regular line as I've come to desire a sleeker model.   The Santoni is...
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