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That's a gd point. Clean forgot there was a vest thrown in the mix.
At least with the sleeves resolved you should get a nice end product. Kudos for sharing the fit pics, very informative!
I prefer a fuller lapel with more presence on a peaked DB, but different strokes I guess. Those sleeves definitely need more length though.
I faced the same dilemma as the OP some years back.  The decision was clear once scarcity was taken into account. I snagged a gorgeous vintage SM300 big triangle within 10 minutes of an ad being posted - and I wasn't the first respondent either (I had the good fortune to live in the same country as the seller, though).   That being said, the thirst for classics like the Sub and Seadweller never quite went away. I now find myself perusing the vintage rolex market for...
Thanks Gdot - I'll be sure to clock in a tin with my next saphir run
Sorry, dbl post
By no means a general rule, but my personal experience is that my saphir buffed shoe incurs less marking than when I'd used kiwi on it.  Also, no issues with switching between kiwi and saphir, but I would prefer to start from scratch and remove the kiwi layers first.   I haven't found a product that can do this easily though. Mostly I'm advised to work the layers away using renovateur. I'm wondering if saphir cleaning soap might do the trick - anyone with experience?
Very nice.   If you lose the jacket you'd probably be mistaken as the classiest politician in my country, Spoo - they only wear white.
I'm not particularly gifted nor as experienced as many of the other gents in this forum - and its great that you like it - but the end-result could look better. For starters, the shoulders seem to be far more padded than your reference photo; coupled with the extension of the pad well beyond your shoulder point, doesn't seem like a good look to me.   There also appears to be plenty of ruffling going on in the sleeves (pitch issue? too much excess cloth?) as well as...
LMFAO, possibly.
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