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Quick question on the Minnis 0500. I know some folks have funded their liabilities on this, but I'm only halfway through the thread right now so not sure how these turned out. I'd appreciate some views whether light permeability is a big issue. I'm grabbing some 0500 this weekend and contemplating how lined should the jacket and trousers be.   Given the casual nature of the cloth, am thinking 2 patch blazersuit... Maybe elbow patches if feeling dandy.
This may just be the most comprehensive piece of advice I've seen posted on an internet forum, ever. Props.
Bit late and bad angle - makes a 40mm look like a 47 - but this is an all original SM300 from the sixties.    .
Edetal customs on the new last, renovateur'd and brushed down. I only wish I had a proper camera to better capture the complexities of the brown.     Interesting addition / pleasant surprise on the sole. Apparently a standard feature for all his MTO and bespoke works henceforth    
Looks nowhere like $45. Nice.  
Sorry for double post- is this it?  
I second Gdot's last question. Link to the French thread that DWF posted some years back is dead, I have a rough sense of what gemming might be like but I've yet to see a live example.
I'm going thru my winter weights now - very wearable even in Singaporean weather. Bit more scratchy than other over-the-calf socks I've had - but then again, viccel goes for a fraction of the price. Bearing that in mind, no complaints thus far... But will reserve further views till wash.
But they're just right for me. Dayum...
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