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Fusible warping after 2 years of regular wear, wash and ironing?   I believe you meant "best fitting machine made shirts", btw. 
Might not the bump in the right shoulder line simply be a lack of accounting for the dropped right shoulder? Left shoulder is clean after all.
Surely you mean a shoe horn, unless there's a method to wearing shoes with shoe trees. Otherwise, lovely pickups!
Having bought, worn, washed and re-worn my initial 8 pairs, I must say that viccel is good value for money. I haven't had problems with stretching, them winter weights still wear good. Most of the darker shades (blue, red, green and there's a mustard colored one, can't recall the name) are easy to match. I have the same problem as lachyzee with the baby pink (as well as a baby blue) - less muted than what I thought it'd be.   My only other minor gripe is the...
In Singapore, commonplace.
Jeans are the main culprit, otherwise I dig the "GTH Styleforvm " look 
NYR is. There's an image a few pages before this one, looks great.
I lol'd. 
Thanks ETF, RogerC - much appreciated.
    I agree. I'm in Singapore, so airy and open weaves are necessities for regular wear. Am inclined towards unlined jacket (sleeves-only) and half-lined pants. However, I do recall reading somewhere in this thread about linings and canvassing showing through the weave under strong light. I suspect the issue is overstated, but always good to err on the side of caution and solicit views from folks with Minnis experience.
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