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Try thekerbau forum, I think you'll elicit better response.   Edit: And don't start off with a 150s, especially if you intend to wear a suit regularly. Suggest you go for something more durable and hard-wearing.
Don't look like much nirvana to me, honestly.
Thank you for your precious inputs, [insert random name][insert random number].
Could be the angle of your camera, but the jacket looks like a different beast from the back (fitted) and front (pear). Quite a bit of hip flare too, personally not a fan of that. Jacket collar needs to be higher and tighter, its pulling away from your shirt collar. Tbh I see more issues with the right shoulder, in particular the absence of accounting for the drop. But that's my novice view.
I do my shirts without darts. Don't like the look of em.
I bear in mind a post, either by despos or a tailor, that the work of waist suppression is spread out over several seams running lengthwise along the torso. I believe that creating greater waist suppression requires cloth around each of these seams to be taken in, to retain overall balance of the suit and prevent "over-pulling" of the cloth toward any part of the torso - notwithstanding that some areas get more removed than others, depending on one's physique. In which...
Quick question. If there's rippling at the back of my pant leg (i.e. front drape is clean but rear isn't) - will adjusting the darts in any way help to resolve this?
  I must confess, I do not understand what you are trying to say. Canvassing and lining are separate entities altogether. I'm having a fresco jacket made that's fully canvassed but quarter lined.
A compromise between original and foofed works for me. Lower button stance and moving the patch pockets down cannot be anything but beneficial to the overall presentation. Personally, I like the attempt at a high gorge - but combined with a lowered buttoning point, I'm not sure what becomes of the lapel widths and how they will interplay with the look - and neither do I wish to find out via photoshop!   Perhaps a snapshot taken at a higher angle may bring more...
Looks to me as though your jacket shrank upwards - gorge, lapel, breastpocket, buttonstance, length all went north.
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