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Merci, Greg.
 Heh. Laid flat. My bad.
Anyone kind enough to advise me what size should someone with a 20" chest and 18" shoulder take? All dem Schneider sizes seem to vary quite a bit. TIA.
I'm gonna login to say  as well.
Shorten jacket sleeve, shorten pants, maybe request that torso and pant legs be slimmed abit - albeit that depends on your physique
  Anything nice in brown?  Pics would be nice, but a description will suffice.   Kudos for prompt responses to the thread, by the way
  Excellent. I'll start compiling the relevant screen grabs.   By the way, are there button options other than MOP? Colors, for instance - and in what material? Apologies if I'm repeating a question that someone else has already posed.
  If you're game to doing rounded breast pockets like those on 3-patch jackets, I'm placing an order straightaway. I managed to get a local tailor to commission a sample piece, but it took helluva lot of convincing.
Thank you for this advice. Am moving from Singapore to Paris next year, and find this quite useful to reference.
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