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Isn't Smiths a wool solaro? Quite a big difference innit?
 From the mirrors, it's basically Gianni, MrSuit, and a third person, all in the store at the same time. Fits are good nonetheless.
I thought the swatch felt fine, but when made up into a suit I found that the softness was accentuated everywhere. Didn't like it much.   In the same ballpark (lightweight travel cloth), I found that Smith's finmeresco hit my sweet spot. Lightweight but substantial, with good drape.
This doesn't answer your question, but as an owner of a suit in both fresco and crispaire, I prefer the fresco. Crispaire feels more flimsy and less hardy, although it is definitely less scratchy.
Oh yes - I would be remiss if I neglected to add that where bespoke shirts are concerned, you would do well to enquire with Gerald and Diana from Vanda Fine Clothing. They are in the business of ties and squares, but do offer a shirting service as seen on their website. By all accounts it is very good.
I can help with that. To my knowledge they carry a wide range that includes Zegna, but also H&S, Loro Piana, Scabal, Ariston, Smith & Woollens, to name a few. They also provide hand stitching (but not fully handstitched - I believe long seams are machined) and full canvassing options for all jackets.   However, you will not be able to finish any garment with Iris in 2 weeks. There is a long list of orders.
You can add Dylan and Son as well as K by Kevin Seah to your list. If you do a facebook search for either of these, you should be able to find pictures of the books they carry.   In general I suspect you will be hard-pressed to obtain finished trousers from tailors in the span of 2 weeks, but it's not impossible and you are welcome to try asking.   There is a Kiton store in Singapore.
 Sorry to sidetrack, but I thought your name looked familiar, and it just occurred to me that I'm wearing one of your ammo straps right this moment.
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