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No trainwrecks...? You must be joking.
Greg - Does the redness of the cotton solaro show up well under sunlight? Not to hit on cotton solaros, but I was under the impression that the wool version better represented the dual toned nature of it... Albeit as you pointed out, the heavy weight contradicts its raison d'etre. 
Has Profilo Italiano been discussed at any length in this thread? Certainly not French tailoring, but it is based in Paris so...    I saw a few posts by Dirnelli and Paul-lux, and a very (very!) short forum thread on engrandepompe, both of which give me a very mixed view (value for money shirting program, jacketing quality questionable). Does anyone have more experience and is willing to share?   PS If anyone knows whether English is a viable means of communicating in...
 RogerC - Do you have a shot of it in the wild? Maybe one of your WAYWTs? Curious to see how it's held up over 2 years of wear.
Thanks for the info. I was speculating that it might make for a good odd jacket, but you are right that Will's feedback should be taken into account.
Sounds contradictory, but a possibility in tropical climates with judicious levels of air-conditioning. Plus it's difficult to find lightweight worsteds with that level of depth and variegation...
Isn't Smiths a wool solaro? Quite a big difference innit?
 From the mirrors, it's basically Gianni, MrSuit, and a third person, all in the store at the same time. Fits are good nonetheless.
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