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Gee, forgot about this. Drop to 600 euros.
Price drop to 700 euros.
In a nutshell - Tried once. Too big. Sat in box since September. Tags still on. Now for sale.   The longer story: Yours for 800 euros if you're in Paris and willing to collect in person. A quick calculation will show that 800 euros works out to slightly less than what you've have paid for this coat brand new, under current exchange rates. I also got hit with 160 euros worth of customs duties when this coat came in. I'm absorbing that. So, my loss, your gain, yada yada,...
Penhaligon's, though not my cup of tea.   EG, G&G, C&J, Church's - that oughta take up most of your shoe budget.   Trunk clothiers is worth a stop for the soft unpadded stuff.
Jesus, someone ban this guy already.
 Yes to this.
 Great stuff, I wish I had known about these places when I visited Rome last year. If you have any more recommendations for similar shops in Paris and/or Rome, I'd be grateful if you could share them. Also, did you ever get an answer to your queries regarding Gorina? I noticed a fair number of Gorina bolts in Lafayette Saltiel here in Paris, but have been unable to unearth further details on the status of the firm.
 Don't mean to poop on your stuff, but I'd have returned it and asked for a refund.
Came across some vintage suitings with "Lordson Selection" and "Blazon 108000" on the selvedge. Does anyone have more info on what mills/merchants these are from?   My best guesses are that the first is possibly a French textile, whilst the latter could be vintage Drapers.
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