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Two things for sale:  Christian Dior Sz. 36 (chainstitched by Self-Edge LA) and Earnest Sewn Sz. 36.  Both products have never been washed, don't smell either and of course worn.  I take care of my stuff so they are in great condition.  The Dior's were purchased at the Dior Store in Las Vegas and the Earnest Sewn at SF Bloomingdales   Shipping is free domestic (USPS First class Mail w/ tracking), international you have to pay $20.00 to Canada, $30.00 Worldwide....
Please read carefully, if you ask any question that is all ready answered I will ignore you! #1 I only accept PAYPAL and only ship to CONFIRMED addresses #2 All PAYPAL payments add 4 percent to the total or send as gift. I will refund the money immediately if you don’t add the 4 percent. #3 International Shipping add $20.00, Domestic Shipping $10.00 per item #4 I ship within 2 days of receiving payment via USPS or First Class Mail International. If international...
just curious how'd you guys become founding members? spending limit?
z5 is clean.
The Maison Martin Margiela are really nice. When did these come out?
UC Davis BS Physiology in 2011. TUN Class of 2016 Doctor of Osteopathic medicine.
Gitman Vintage Oxford   Or Hamilton 1883 Oxford     What do you guys think?
polka dot is awesome.  I've been contemplating whether or not i should buy gitman vintage oxford or a tailored oxford from Hamilton 1883.  Any thoughts?
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