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Ending soon I have 3sixteen ST-100X size 31 gently used. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=322041513609&globalID=EBAY-ENCA
Thanks all, yes I do believe they are the Lamberts. I found a seller online that has this pair for $80so I might pick up.
Could someone please identify this pair of Allen Edmonds? It appears to be a two-eyelet pebble grain model.    Sorry for the poor quality pics. Thanks in advance
It really didn't cost much, I have no problem admitting that I'm selling it for more than I bought it. Buy low, sell high. If it sells-great, if not then I've got a neat collectable from a brand I support by buying their jeans. 
I'm not mad, I only wanted to bring attention to my classified ad and now members are ridiculing my purchase. And please, would any logical person rationalize the purchase as being a glove suitable for baseball? HA! Made me laugh. Sorry, guess I should have included a disclaimer that this glove should not be used by ballplayers.  
Who said I played baseball with the glove? It doesn't fit my hand or most larger adult hands for that matter. N&F didn't manufacture 60 baseball gloves for players to catch pop-flys or field balls with. It's obviously a collectors item that someone might buy to appreciate the novelty/craftsmanship.         
....So I can afford to buy your cigar lighter and cutter. 
I'm selling a N&F selvedge denim baseball glove in the blue/black colorway. It's one of 30 made. If interested PM me.
Selling a very awesome, rare collectable from Naked & Famous. Only 30 were made of this blue/black colourway, it's a right-handed glove in mint condition. Barney's retailed it for $500. Your chance to cop it at a price much less. All reasonable offers will be accepted. Please message me with any questions about the item or for shipping quotes. I'll add more pictures of my glove upon request. I accept Paypal only. 
Hi,  Guess you're satisfied with your BJxN&F? I've got SL-100X Indigo in a 31 that's pretty close to brand new if you're interested.    Adam
New Posts  All Forums: