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I have 3sixteen ST-100 gently worn jeans on eBay, ending soon with BIN, but will accept best offer. 3Sixteen Jeans
Selling gently worn 3sixteen 31'x31' jeans. BIN
Ending soon I have 3sixteen ST-100X size 31 gently used.
Thanks all, yes I do believe they are the Lamberts. I found a seller online that has this pair for $80so I might pick up.
Could someone please identify this pair of Allen Edmonds? It appears to be a two-eyelet pebble grain model.    Sorry for the poor quality pics. Thanks in advance
It really didn't cost much, I have no problem admitting that I'm selling it for more than I bought it. Buy low, sell high. If it sells-great, if not then I've got a neat collectable from a brand I support by buying their jeans. 
I'm not mad, I only wanted to bring attention to my classified ad and now members are ridiculing my purchase. And please, would any logical person rationalize the purchase as being a glove suitable for baseball? HA! Made me laugh. Sorry, guess I should have included a disclaimer that this glove should not be used by ballplayers.  
Who said I played baseball with the glove? It doesn't fit my hand or most larger adult hands for that matter. N&F didn't manufacture 60 baseball gloves for players to catch pop-flys or field balls with. It's obviously a collectors item that someone might buy to appreciate the novelty/craftsmanship.         
....So I can afford to buy your cigar lighter and cutter. 
I'm selling a N&F selvedge denim baseball glove in the blue/black colorway. It's one of 30 made. If interested PM me.
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