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I have fractured toes 4 times, 3 times while learning various kinds of somersault and once by missing the trampoline. I'd try to avoid walking and wearing shoes as much as possible for a few days, After that you should be fine. I went to the doctor the first couple of times but they just said to rest the foot. Unless your toe is sticking out at some weird angle I doubt you need treatment.
I do gymnastics. I do trampolining and tumbling because it's fun, great conditioning, improves coordination and agility and I can do it with my kids. I do rings for vanity and a sense of achievement. At my age (late 30s), many of my friends and colleagues already have physical difficulties playing with their kids, just simple things like kicking a ball around, getting down on the floor and up again. The instructor for my Saturday morning father-son trampolining...
Not fanboy at all. Intricacy has nothing to do with quality. This amounts to saying: "Julius is unarguably better quality than RO, look, this design in a completely different style that appeals to a different audience proves it." The whole RO vs. Julius quality debate seems to be between people who don't own either. I don't see people who do own them moaning. They appeal to different aesthetics. Every time I go into one store in Moscow the SAs try to persuade me to...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one This is where the Julius vs RO quality argument should end - look at this thing. From a construction standpoint, it's just a very, very intricate piece made with cleanliness and precision that Olmar and Mirta do not do. The way the seaming lays flat and cleanly intersects with the other seaming where it's supposed to, with intricate scale - that's a tight interconnect between patterning, grading (since they make a...
Length is one of the reasons I like RO. Most clothes seem to be made for people under 6 ft.
1. Diet: just try to cut out processed foods. If you've managed to get through your 20s without turning into a lardball you're probably not eating that much more than you need anyway. 2. I assume you have some kind of smartphone. Download a few apps like 100 push ups, 20 pull ups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups. They will give you a program to follow for 6-8 weeks and will automatically generate logs and charts and things that appeal to the OCD. 3. For motivation, place a...
Quote: Originally Posted by 5tan Do the thickness of the Rick leather differ between s/s and f/w? I would only assume the ss ones are 'thinner'. Wonder if they could stand through Toronto fall/winters. I wear my RO with a BBS boiled wool vest over the top, works fine down to - 7 or 8 C.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDrizzle Would a L or XL RO Mollino be better for a slim 44 with a decent drop? (20" shoulder, 43" chest, 32.5" waist) I'm 43 chest 31 waist and my size L is big enough to wear with a sweater.
It's not necessarily the pollution that causes your kids' problems, and clean places won't necessarily be any better. New Zealand has the highest child asthma rates in the world.
I like cottage cheese with chili flakes, pine nuts and a bit of honey.
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