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I can't believe people post things like this on Facebook. Don't they remember that people can see these posts?
I was hoping to get some opinions as to what make of suit my new watch would work well with? I recently brought a Wenger Men's GST watch from and was hoping to get opinions as to what suit or shirts it would go well with. I really like this watch and would like to wear it on a daily basis, so any advise would be greatly appriciated.
Uncle Buck is one film I usually put on. That or for some reason Nightmare On Elm Street. Don't ask me why though because I have no clue whatsoever.
Cool Runnings is my favourite film of all time but recently I watched a film called MegaMind while staying at a friends and it was so funny.
I am hoping that Manchester United will win the title again. Swansea and Norwich have done very well this year.
I have been listening to a lot of Ronnie James Dio these past few days. Rainbow in the Dark and Holy Diver are amazing songs and Ronnie (RIP) was an amazing singer. Greatly missed.
If the situation doesn't require a tie, then I think its fine. You don't always need to have a tie with a shirt.
I have lots of shirts, that I don't wear. When I see them, I think that will suit me but I never find time or an occasion to wear them.
The things that make me happy include, my friends, my job and listening to music. :)
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