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These threads are fantastic reading!! I do have to pick a small issue though, having worked in a tailoring business specializing in alterations I have rarely seen a trouser with 2.5" to let out, only ever on bespoke or made to measure garments. Most OTR trousers seem to have slightly less than a full size roughly 3.5cm total (1.5" roughly). Which always leaves a problem if the client has the jacket that fits and needs to let the trousers out a full size as is not...
I know its probably not in vogue now, but I really love rollnecks, but only in fine wool or cashmere so they can go under a sportscoat or suit. I am tall so they do work for me but I cant seem to find them anywhere, even John Smedley doesn't seem to have many. I am looking for black and maybe a burgundy. Does anyone have any ideas where to find some? I do live in australia but am happy to pay shipping.
Hi, Just though I'd introduce myself to the australian section of this fantastic forum! I have been in the fashion industry for over 15 years in various roles from retail through production and now in bespoke, made to measure and premium alterations. I have a particular interest in suiting and formal attire and in the history of clothing. I am also a very avid fan of fine liquor! Look forward to conversing with you all over the coming months!  
    Working with tailors who do this sort of alteration, it does require quite a bit of skill, but is definitly doable, just ensure you go to a reputable tailor that has been recommended to you or call some stores who sell jackets with functioning buttons, like Zegna or Canali, and see who they use or recommend. Hope this helps
Ok, as an alteration tailor there is a bit that can be done but it depends on whats left in the seams. Usually on any made to order garment there is quite a bit in the seams that can be let out, usually up to 1.5" on ajacket through the waist and up to the armhole which will help. With the trousers I would be very suprised if there is not enough to let the waist and seat out enough to make it comfortable. However the thighs is a different question, you will need to see if...
Obviously as everyone says two pants are a must. Also ensure the tailor uses either a silk or cotton drill saddle, I think silk works better as it lets the legs slide therefore reducing wear. Its important not to get to fine in the cloth you choose. Dont get confused between fineness and weight. Something around super 100 and 9-10 oz will be fine. Definitely avoid anything over 130s and under 9 oz. If it is conducive to the style you want a pleat will help enormously as...
I have had some great ones that have lasted for years. Also got some great bargains from witchery man last year only about 70 bucks each from memory, I did get them on sale. They did pill a little bit . For some better quality Jac and Jack have beautiful wool and cashmere options too but a bit higher on the price scale
Try Calibre, they always have some good knits, nice and fine, so good for layering and under suits
No, but they should be!!
Strange you have had bad experience there, I have had all my tailoring done there for over 10 years and always great, but make sure you go to the one on Bourke st or at chifley not crown, a friend of mine found out the hard way that they are different businesses.
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