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Hi Just looking for some feedback on my new sportscoat. It is a made to measure 11oz wool cashmere from huddersfield cloth. I am think of ordering more cloth to make a vest and trousers as I think its too conservative for a s/c. Any thoughts?          
I think the problem is in Australia, J Crew is licensed to another group, so they probably stuck with some legal thing so they cant undercut the group here in australia who sells at much inflated prices, Just an assumption though  
Wow, thats extreme, but If they merchants tell them there is that kind of wait, at least the customer gets to make an informed decision.  
I am just going to have a small rant. Why is it that so many M2M providers in Sydney (and Australia?) cannot run a decent service? Offering made to order and bespoke suits myself I find it very hard to cope with some of the stories I hear from clients who have tried other providers and are now no longer willing to go tailor made. I hear of shirts taking 6 months + to be delivered, deadlines not being kept, outrageous stories being concocted to explain delays,...
Its a shame to see such negative reviews of someone trying to start run a M2M service in Australia, but from what I see there are many such stories. It would be great if Australian tailors delivered on their promises,as the ones who do are let down by an industry that seems to be guilty of conning customers and as a result scaring them off ever having garments made again due to the hassles involved. I have a friend who has tried three separate times to have things made,...
no but wish I had! would have been fantastic  
try the ardberg 10yr old, even peatier than laphroig and my perdsonal fav
The nectar d'or is fantastic, you should also try the lasanta version too  
Hi, While i have collected scotch for several years and am well aware of plenty that suit my tastes, I have recently discovered the joy that is high quality sipping rum. I have enjoyed both the ron zacapa xo and 23yr as well as diplomatico and barbancourt. Can anyone give me some tips on some others to add to my collection as this is fast becoming my favoured drink! Although they wont be touched this month as doing dry july!!  
That is fantastic! I need to show this to clients so they understand the limitations of the work the can have done!!  
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