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fuuma looking sleazy as fuck
all this talk of nice leathers 0 pics 😓
would the collar gap eventually settle or is that simply a feature of the pattern
how does someone "look like they can bench 225 a few times" lol
saw a dude in the gym with a dslr tripod etc filming the most trivial weights couldn't help but laugh
it's a sub $250 boot, i really don't understand some peoples expectations
because of one possibly defective boot? lol
i received my boots today so below are some pictures and my initial impression (it's 86 degrees with 60%+ humidity, jeans are not an option).  [[SPOILER]]   
thread seems to have lost all steam after that rather convenient price hike and the collar gap
hanes has some new v necks, comfort blend i think, which is like 60% cotton some polyester and rayon. they fit great and hold their shape, especially compared to the all cotton versions.
New Posts  All Forums: