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my mind is somewhat blown, after agonizing that my shoe size is almost never available (7/7.5) i looked in my closet and realized i own shoes in up to us 10. i don't know what's real anymore
those gum hi available anywhere? sold out on the nike website in like 5 minutes lol
measurements? this jacket looks incredible
those translucent soles would yellow pretty quickly. a novel idea, though.
not a single one of them are carrying the blazer pack
is there a list of popular stockists that usually carry collabs anywhere?
i enjoy tuscan leather but find it hard to wear, if you're into tom ford check out plum japonais
anyone know of a retailer still carrying the AF1s from the Blazer Pack in Dark Grey/Sail?   they look like this:     i need them in a US 7/7.5
if anyone is interested in a black calf 2 zip gunmetal moto then do pm me (fits 44/46)   i'm interested in cwus and possibly mdrs
New Posts  All Forums: