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your anger might be better directed at sony for continually having insufficient quantities of their systems, giving resellers a market
best coffee is made with one of these  
kind of tired of seeing perfectos tbh
http://www.dmusastore.com/p-4013-1461.aspx not creepers in the mega stacked sole sense but they're nice enough
i have a pair of weird guys in deep indigo size 30 for sale. wore them around for a few hours and never used them again; pm for details
bought these from blue owl like a month ago, wore them lightly for a few hours and haven't touched them ever since. save some money and buy them from me.   shipping not included in price
his jacket is only "flaring out" because it's brand new and calf does that as well
i'd be interested as well
this. i was losing money by not using one.
i am seriously impressed with uniqlos shipping service, i've received two orders within a day of placing them now.   i further echo all the sentiments here regarding the flannels, i have three and they're all really nice and have the same fit. the heat tech tees are also really nice. i sized up to a large (small in the flannels) and the upper body is fitted with a nice drape, definitely copping more.
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