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is there not enough tech fabric ma-1's on the market?
just to facilitate some dialogue that will eventually arise anyway, what are we looking at in terms of thickness of the various leathers? there was some complaints of the other venture when some jackets had thicker leather than others (particularly noteworthy when a single party had multiple jackets). this was even harder to gauge when this was intentional as in the shaved ma-1 that no one had any idea was shaved. is there going to be within reason a spec for the leather...
very cool to see this getting up and going. might be a worthwhile investment to have someone able with photoshop to make some initial mockups.
fairly impressed with her hip movements tbh
fuuma looking sleazy as fuck
all this talk of nice leathers 0 pics 😓
would the collar gap eventually settle or is that simply a feature of the pattern
how does someone "look like they can bench 225 a few times" lol
saw a dude in the gym with a dslr tripod etc filming the most trivial weights couldn't help but laugh
it's a sub $250 boot, i really don't understand some peoples expectations
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