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Worn very gently to work here and there a couple of times, basically fell out of the raw denim phase and they have been sitting in my room for a long time. $100 shipped, interested parties PM for pictures although they look brand new.
where are these tencel briefs?
iirc fok has said that a 1.5mm lamb is incredibly thick, his exact words being "1.5mm lamb is a lamb to kick all the other lambs asses." i believe their spec is 1.2, i'll post my impressions once i get my jacket.
oh u looking for the mystical perfect t? keep on looking man it doesn't exist
by the time i saw this it was gone again, thanks though
i was most interested in the shawl collar blazer and i haven't seen it listed once on the site
debating between goat and lamb, more leather information please   how does goat age? lamb?   i had the old toj calf and that was far too thick/indestructible but afraid of the lamb being damaged on a night out etc
alright sure, fly to Korea and beat up a deaf guy and ruin your life over a leather jacket
oh yeah let's not forget that it is also completely fucking illegal to beat someone down and you'd likely be imprisoned for assault
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