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cannot wait to get my DR2
i don't know what you all are on about   gonna be wearing tapered pants forever
you can return in store
could you provide some input Dan on why there is apparently such a divide in leather thickness among different buyers?
sz 29 measurements on blue owl website
i bought the camel chesterfield and returned it. the material is okay i guess, although it isn't particularly warm or camel colored for that matter. i'd say it's a couple shades darker than what the website images portray.    i'm 5'9 185lbs ordered a large and that was too big. went in store and tried on a small which was fine if i never intended on buttoning it or wearing anything besides a t shirt underneath.
I have had these laying around for quite a while, like 2 years I think, and basically never wear them. Fell for the SF group think I guess.   They are in in pretty much like new condition and I have applied a suede protector to the suede portions to repel water and such so no problems there. Interested parties please PM for images.   $200 shipped
http://blueowl.us/product/japan-blue-x-blue-owl-165oz-heavy-slub-broken-twill-in-indigobeige-high-tapered-model-jb0-630/   These same exact jeans. Worn once and highly underestimated how thick these jeans are, I am no match. Blue Owl doesn't accept returns so here we are. $60 off a very unique pair of raw denim.   $160 shipped
Worn very gently to work here and there a couple of times, basically fell out of the raw denim phase and they have been sitting in my room for a long time. $100 shipped, interested parties PM for pictures although they look brand new.
where are these tencel briefs?
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