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clothes looks good on an individual when they are dressed with their physique and looks in mind it should be fairly obvious that if you're anything above the emaciated waif build most japanese clothing is out of the photo for you
i'd rather look good shirtless than look good in a shirt   ymmv
people on here go crazy if a japanese label references nazis or if someone is called gay but here we are discussing varg vikernes   this website never fails to amaze me
i'm in for the current batch of side zips as well
cheapest quote from usps was $60
excuse the feets, keep? patrik ervell aviator  
how are you expected to make returns to a shop in the UK? i was quoted $160 for insured shipping with UPS wtf?
i can't seem to recall anyone mentioning just how heavy sns starks are, very robust piece of knitwear
where are those converse still available? thinking about getting a 2nd pair
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