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play? play what? 4k repairs for a car driven for 5,000 miles is absurd   any japanese performance vehicle can take a wailing on the track, drag strip, or anywhere you select and cost a fraction of that
this thread is good incentive to stay away from German cars, forever
i had meant a V6 or inline-6.
koreans definitely have that penchant for drama
so you like twin turbo V/I6s?
im new to the thread but in contrast to the turbo 4 what setup is it you favor? with the newer twin scroll turbos the power bands aren't as narrow as they used to be. and yea, definitely seems as if the ship has sailed.
this thread is pretty much what you'd expect on a fashion forum tbh
where would you begin to look to find one of those ridiculous silk dries van noten floral print shirts? i think they were silk anyway, or a viscose blend   i realize i am tragically late but want one anyway
lol going from an evo to a prius must be a nightmare
wtf? he doesn't need to do anything he was asking for sizing, not lifestyle advice
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