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so you like twin turbo V/I6s?
im new to the thread but in contrast to the turbo 4 what setup is it you favor? with the newer twin scroll turbos the power bands aren't as narrow as they used to be. and yea, definitely seems as if the ship has sailed.
this thread is pretty much what you'd expect on a fashion forum tbh
where would you begin to look to find one of those ridiculous silk dries van noten floral print shirts? i think they were silk anyway, or a viscose blend   i realize i am tragically late but want one anyway
lol going from an evo to a prius must be a nightmare
wtf? he doesn't need to do anything he was asking for sizing, not lifestyle advice
it's not an urban legend at all, many drivers of those model years broke their transmissions as stock power levelsit's not horsepower that kills transmissions anyway it's torque but yes, the STi is an extremely robust unit that will cost you 3k.
i'd ask for a record of maintenance performed   water pump/timing belt should be a given the health of the suspenion battery intervals and which fluids used for motor/trans spark plugs brakes recalls performed   a compression & leak test would save you a lot of heartache   overall they reach 170-200k all the time with proper maintenance and, as you said, a lack of 4k neutral dumps would help the transmission tremendously
i have an 05, the 02/03 years are notorious for having glass transmissions but that is for the manual, not sure how the automatic is. the turbo could be going depending on the mileage as well
recs for heather grey pocket t? needs to fit a larger build without turning into a box
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