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i have an 05, the 02/03 years are notorious for having glass transmissions but that is for the manual, not sure how the automatic is. the turbo could be going depending on the mileage as well
recs for heather grey pocket t? needs to fit a larger build without turning into a box
at 190lbs at 5'9" there is little i can fit into as well   uniqlo ocbds and slim jeans forever i guess
aren't the 335xi the N54 engines notorious for build up on the valves? a little afraid of beamer maintenance costs as well
looking to upgrade my ride sometime soon. current in a blobeye wrx putting down about 230whp/240tq what are my options in the under 30k segment, focus st? awd is ideal as i live in new england
weighted myself and i'm almost 200lbs at 5'9"   when do you stop feeling small?
recommendations for ocbds with slightly thicker fabric and nicer roll than uniqlo
will the shirts ever come back?
goal is to work up to 4s in the deadlift within 3 months and 5 by the end of the year   physically feel as if i could pull 405 for 1 right now but do not want to subject my untrained ass (literally) and hamstrings to that abuse
seems as if the majority of this thread is perpetually injured
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