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don't believe so, it hits right where it's supposed to just hasn't settled in yet. lamb while much more pliable than calf isn't some windbreaker that lays on you perfectly out of the box. i am not a smaller individual, about 185 in that photo at a height of 5'9".
slightly better picture, excuse the shorts
got my lamb MDR in the mail today. paid on 10/19. only complaint is that i had wished for snaps on the upper and lower lapels, but a minor detail and i am very happy overall with the jacket. i do not understand the complaints of the lamb being light or thin, the jacket feels fairly substantial to me (i have only handled calf leathers). the second you open the box the smell of leather is overwhelming. fit out of the box is obviously not perfect but i have included fit...
need options as well, don't want timbs
how does the new calf feel compared to the old?
will post in a few hours
i know a couple of people here own Kamakura shirts, is that still the best ocbd in that price range? is the fit accommodating of any appreciable muscle mass? maybe i'll trek to nyc
need y'all to convince me out of buying grey birdpoop gats
any decent tumblrs anyone here follow?
cannot wait to get my DR2
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