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i'm voting on drew ending up committing suicide, which i hope doesn't happen but judging his tone in that post + his dad being involved, likely.
is there a trouser similar to this that isn't $400 ?   http://shop.zambarrett.com/bottoms/ss15-minimalist-dna-pants-2-black-wool   wool, no pressing/creases minimal details etc.
how much is the upgrade for comp weight leather?
you're correct it's made in italy and calf.
i'm returning the jacket anyways doesn't feel particularly well made
i'm 5'9 170 and lift, that's a 50 i just checked and the main zipper is riri, had no idea
mmm 5 zip with silver zippers from this season. fit is good but a little unsure about the quality of the leather and hardware. keep?
any new nice t's available? longer body, relaxed neck opening, nicer materials, the usual... john elliott co seems like the closest choice?
i'm in the Boston area and can't think of any stockists, would you happen to know of one?
would a 52 fit on a built frame? about 5'9 170 with a 41" chest
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