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i did not intend to pick at you, the fact you actually took the matter into your own hands and fixed it is applaudable. i apologize for that.what i intended to say is there appears to be more money in this thread than an actual enthusiasm for performance, hinted at by the fact nobody seems to be able to actually work on the cars they own.nevermind they don't even own them, they are leasing.
yea, luxury, when your windows won't even go down because their motor failed again lol
it's interesting you of all people would make this point because you lease new vehicles, loli am not a jdm ricer or die hard, but there is no denying for people who like performance they are the best for your dollar.
except that a supercharged FRS/BRZ with a adequate suspension setup would walk the majority of the cars in this thread at half the price without breaking monthly but seeing as how people here are struggling to change a sensor i understand
it's not a drawback if every other time i want to drive the car as intended it won't breakand if it does break it won't cost a small fortune to repair
play? play what? 4k repairs for a car driven for 5,000 miles is absurd   any japanese performance vehicle can take a wailing on the track, drag strip, or anywhere you select and cost a fraction of that
this thread is good incentive to stay away from German cars, forever
i had meant a V6 or inline-6.
koreans definitely have that penchant for drama
so you like twin turbo V/I6s?
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