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seems as if the majority of this thread is perpetually injured
still gonna try his curry recipe scum bag or not
deadlifted today after not performing the lift for 3-4 yrs, hit 315x6   was not expecting the massive lower back pump and immediate glute soreness
out of my price range too   cotton it is
weekender recommendations? prefer leather
for $20 the uniqlo x lemaire cashmere/wool pants were a steal
"Left: Lucas, 4, was extra careful not to spill his juicebox on our Grade-A Mongolian Cashmere."  
cp's can still be had for the mentioned prices if you shop during sales and are patient
he who shall not be named once stated that hanging the sleeves over the back of the jacket can net you some length. ymmv.
does isaora ever go on sale? looking at some of their outerwear
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