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I have, and I am undecided on it. Sometimes the toothpaste associations are too strong for me to deal with it and other times I don't mind it.
i am near the Lawrence area rtc and could drive that miata for you
any recommendations for a relatively uncommon, easy to wear scent for a mid 20s male? im a fan of aventus, tuscan leather, the typical recommended scents but ive been out of the fragrance community for a while. want to see what to check out.
can't think of any real issues Evos have that aren't directly linked to abuse. the STi has an infinitely stronger transmission but that's about it, with 2-3k invested in an Evo you're firmly in the 400whp range (reliably).
for the money an Evo is the better deal
is the E39 M5 the wiser choice between the two?
im going to guess it's because it's a non SMG? i haven't found too many for sale yet with a traditional 6 speed, but also haven't been looking aggressively. i can do general maintenance such as brakes and fluid changes, so that aside how potentially disastrous is it to own that car (financially)?
what are some things to consider when looking at E46 Ms?
is John elliot co the only offering for nicely faded denim at this point? prefer light washes
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