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i was looking forward to your post. i did some research into legacy's after you had mentioned your wives twin turbo one but i would prefer not to have to do an engine swap right away. if that was the case i was looking into the direction of a EG33 into an impreza chassis. my budget is peasant level and i would fear tracking a turbo Subaru (i daily a turbo Subaru right now.)i follow speed academy on youtube and they built a pretty skanky S2000 into a very capable track car...
i have played with the idea of getting an eg Honda hatchback and swapping in a k20 or k24, but i think id have more fun learning/driving rwd. i realize that limits its use budget isn't huge so tracking a Porsche isn't a possiblity really. a s2000 is definitely an alluring option, tough finding an AP1 or any S2000 really. i know at least bushings, coilovers, and tires are going to set me back a bit so im trying to budget that in.
i want to get and build eventually a daily summer car with autocross/track capabilities. lightweight, rwd, and durable are my main criteria points here. im in new england so rust is a problem. was considering an E30 325i but they are unicorns at this point. suggestions? no miatas please.
looks like the '18 WRX is finally going to have optional recaros (and brembos)
i have a 05 WRX with falken snows and i concur. braking in snow/ice is never ideal, irregardless of your setup.
look into braum seats
are the shirts ever coming back?
For your consideration is a Falcon Garments jacket in the DR2 configuration. It is in black lamb with silver zippers and tabs. You can find my post in the thread when I received my jacket below: I am selling simply because I do not wear the jacket. Since I have owned it its been "worn" maybe 3 times and the rest of the time has been stored (not on a...
N54/55 engines are very durable. quite a few examples of people pushing over 600whp on them.
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