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any new nice t's available? longer body, relaxed neck opening, nicer materials, the usual... john elliott co seems like the closest choice?
i'm in the Boston area and can't think of any stockists, would you happen to know of one?
would a 52 fit on a built frame? about 5'9 170 with a 41" chest
how does the fw14 calf stooges fit? i'm looking at a 52.
essentially yes on the above. i figure you can style both of them rather equally as the stooges in the iteration im looking at is fairly conservative.
slim grey/black jeans, side zips, white t's
if you're going to have one leather, calf stooges or mmm 5 zip ?
any stockists still carrying the fw14 calf stooges?
can you find me a black in 48 😩
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