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i don't see the issue whatsoever with debadged vehicles. putting fake badges on, however, is a special kind of stupid.
recs for oxfords that can be worn casually a step above uniqlo quality? find their fit and fabric is lacking
are their dry ex crew necks ever in stock?
anyone know of any stockists for this LVC jacket?
a k20 in a miata is a great thing. maybe thrift can source you a type r from the motherland or you can get a rsx type s.
335i vs E46 for daily? looking at this
what are you guys on about needing to have shoes on to drive a manual im in sandals 90% of summer.
I have, and I am undecided on it. Sometimes the toothpaste associations are too strong for me to deal with it and other times I don't mind it.
i am near the Lawrence area rtc and could drive that miata for you
any recommendations for a relatively uncommon, easy to wear scent for a mid 20s male? im a fan of aventus, tuscan leather, the typical recommended scents but ive been out of the fragrance community for a while. want to see what to check out.
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