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is that the uniqlo womens jacket?
tom ford plum japonais smells mad fucking good
undecided between the okayama spirits and the suvin els's. any thoughts?   also anybody bought any of their t shirts?
oh shit, i go to middlesex
that's the original moto, you can't purchase that iteration anymore
Wore these a handful of times, TBS sent me a size 29 instead of what I ordered, a 30, and while not unbearable I'm not really into that skinny of a look anymore.   $115 + shipping, CONUS only please.
i see fat asians around but 9 times out of 10 their diets are heavily westernized   last time i was in asia i saw a total of 1 fat person
consuming fewer carbohydrates or eliminating them altogether would quickly alleviate this problem   rising insulin insensitivity anyone
as someone who's job deals with measurements on a daily basis this thread makes me laugh
thinking about coppin this: http://www.schottnyc.com/products/men/caf--racer/cowhide-casual-racer.htm in that deep burgundy color, anyone familiar with schotts leathers?
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