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reading through those pages, drew used to contribute so much more often   i really hope he's wrong though about the americana trend lasting longer
  but but but they're artisanal and are made from triple-dyed elephant testicle leather
what i think nahneun would like to say is that the DR is an aggressive jacket and it deserves a more worthy outfit   i'm continually bewildered when guys spend $800 on a jacket and the rest of their wardrobe is hanes v-necks and converse, or something.
lol, about to hit up h&m tomorrow
that's a henley, bro
it's pretty fucking tasteless to discuss flipping clothes in a guys thread who was all about quality at an affordable price point
i'd like this pm too
is that Grigori Rasputin?
i think people should really get into the habit of pausing and taking a minute before going on and actually asking a question here.   do you really want a jacket that you can only wear if you're within 5lbs of where you are now?   if the jacket is too slim, you'd be concerned about it's longevity and layering applications if the jacket is too roomy, you'd be concerned about it looking too wide (which would be incredibly difficult given the toj cut) and...
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