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+ uniqlo ma-1 hookah bar steeze
you clearly don't, no mean to offend. it's not "just clothes" to people who live and breathe this, i could say the difference between cp's and nike is a swoosh and some stitches with that logic; it's just a white sneaker. someone who is into clothing is really into sophistication, sooner or later, and that personality trait whether learned or innate typically manifests itself in other areas of life. the forum favorite drew is a good example of this, as is fuuma.
colabear is morbidly obese   clothes look better on thin/fit people   sf appreciates more brands than others   can we move on pls
i am now being redirected to my android application store and porno sites while browsing sf on my mobile device nice bro
received my cps from tres bien earlier and they are far more comfortable than my mmm gats interesting it took 3 days for a package to arrive from Sweden whereas i'm on two weeks for a book from California
i always lol at how sensitive people are on here   do any of you realize that what is told to you on this board is what many simply think and don't say in reality
what's going to be left in a couple of years?
i'll be in florida for christmas, it better not be snowing in miami
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