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of course, to be associated with the 5 zip but they'll just look stupid to the people with the leather
after shopping around a bit my respect for drew has grown exponentially. the price of even the worse quality leathers is ridiculous, mid level is 2-3x the price of a toj.
lol $800 for a viscose jacket
lmfao @ dude almost getting shanked for real
where would you even look for 5 zips, yahoo japan auctions?
just sniffed terre d'hermes now, fuck... might get the bottle
can you expand on this, i somehow understand your rant on a subconscious level
is a shirt with 30in front length too long for someone 5'9 to wear untucked
if you have dandruff use nizoral
check out al-rehab, particularly silver & khaliji   avignon is good, too
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