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The uniqlo black jeans are waxed
yeah that's drews alright, the left corner by the zipper was chewed off by his dog iirc
 lol nevermind
i'm pretty sure i've been to that restaurant regis, is it in the keys? i'm from fl
i think the problem some people are sensing re: caseyfud is that he looks friendly. he doesn't give off the vibe of being in bar brawls and riding off on a motorcycle after which i'm sure virtually no one on this site does but for some it's easier to imagine.
SOTD AbdesSalam Attar Mysore Sandalwood
the 1st pair looks pretty dope but i get the vibe it's at least a stack
  soda has empty calories that largely come from sugar that promote obesity cigarettes are chock full of carcinogenics known to cause cancer   what are you saying bro
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