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if you have dandruff use nizoral
check out al-rehab, particularly silver & khaliji   avignon is good, too
and the plot thickens...
  he's willing to lower the price if you do it through paypal
  which bird is that in the middle?
if i saw kgfan wearing that in person i'd prepare for a battle to the death
they have 39.5?
those boots are so fucking dope, i don't think buttero is even accessible to me, iirc they run large and i'm a us 7
did you go to italy just to cop those
i need some recommendations on fragrances to sample, basenotes has been pretty slow progressing lately and it's been more of the same (top 5 summer, winter, best longevity etc topics). here are some fragrances i enjoy wearing: avignon al oudh black afgano platinum egoiste black oud green irish tweed aventus dior homme/intense prada amber pour homme intense rose 31 leather oud l'air du desert marocain ambre precieux   thanks
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