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let him zip it however he wants
i'll be in guantanamo bay for some government questioning, or something   any recommendations for sights to see etc in the area?
this thread is frequently visited by people of low levels of intelligence   my condolences
i really, really hate how everyone here tries to be some moral/humanist/ethics expert hybrid kind of shit, sometimes   can we just talk about fucking clothes
i got a linen t shirt at h&m   jasmine green tea is really good
that jacket is too tight everywhere, man
bought a bottle of dior homme intense today, figured it was about time i've nurtured my sample long enough
i can only imagine drews frustrations when he opens this thread sometimes, his business relies (i don't know how much) on word of mouth and the good reviews people post about his products. what would happen to that if quality went south? not to mention that the people who question this quality (zippers, linings, leathers) seem to me to never have any clue as to what quality really is in those dimensions.   the feeling of a leather being "thick" or "thin" is...
what you fail to understand is that major designers don't cater to the impoverished aka middle class, that you can afford an article or two of their clothing is a moot point
muscs koublai khan
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