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rose 31 is the de facto le labo recommendation but they're all pretty good, imo
this viridi anne leather  
i should have bought more of the linen shirts this season, they're really nice
where to cop wool coat/overcoat?
that looks pretty dope, i'm assuming over 2k?   talking about brad-t's post
this thread is hundreds of pages long and toj is simply a mtm jacket service, there aren't that many variables that require constant repetiton or unique circumstances that'd warrant it
you aren't mid thirties but look it more than he does
i find leather linings to be very comfortable, but ymmv i suppose   my feet are pretty temperature neutral so no comment on that
i finally signed up for college at 23   scared as fuck
i paid like $265 for the white/grey ones shipped   the quality is pretty terrible, i'd just get a pair of cp's instead unless you're really sold on the design
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