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that's a henley, bro
it's pretty fucking tasteless to discuss flipping clothes in a guys thread who was all about quality at an affordable price point
i'd like this pm too
is that Grigori Rasputin?
i think people should really get into the habit of pausing and taking a minute before going on and actually asking a question here.   do you really want a jacket that you can only wear if you're within 5lbs of where you are now?   if the jacket is too slim, you'd be concerned about it's longevity and layering applications if the jacket is too roomy, you'd be concerned about it looking too wide (which would be incredibly difficult given the toj cut) and...
i'm going on 23 and weight the same as when i was 17
damn i might cop that white 5 zip on b&s now after that fit pic
if this isn't drew
this thread is an excellent resource on how to manage a small business
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