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the 1st pair looks pretty dope but i get the vibe it's at least a stack
  soda has empty calories that largely come from sugar that promote obesity cigarettes are chock full of carcinogenics known to cause cancer   what are you saying bro
comes on clothing forum with shitty outfits gets called out on feminine pose upset   lol
 is all your clothing mtm? no? fashion isn't for hulks
it'll be a good thing when mtm disappears as these kind of issues will disappear for both the toj team and for us. its hard to be complacent with an article of clothing you know could be taken an inch here, there etc.
you look like some weird spiritual worker that heals with crystals, don't do it
drew isn't messing around in 2013... that bcdr looks incredible
travel depresses me as it sometimes exposes me to cultures and societies that i'd much rather be a part of but would ultimately end up regretting since i would always be an outsider   so i'll cop some more...
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