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fuck not gonna work on my frame good luck with the sale
why is every second hand toj a 46/48 😌
what the fuck is cis gendered   edit: nevermind, don't even care, someone please erase this.
hopefully a lot of people feel the same way you do so i can kop at 70% off
posted this in rft. pretty nice jacket by zam barrett in a unique color  
i wish i was a fair bit wealthier seeing this, pretty unique color   http://shop.zambarrett.com/outerwear/fw14-overlocked-high-neck-minimalist-leather-jacket-maroon
is it just me or is almost everyone in this thread nursing an injury of some sort? i guess i've been extraordinarily lucky
it seems rather obscene that some people here seem to think dropping almost a grand on something and then continually being misled on it's estimated manufacture, delivery, etc isn't grounds for being upset
anyone with more programming experience than i want to chime in on how i could optimize my bench progression? i am primarily looking to build strength and couldn't feasibly hit 235 for 5 so went for 3 as i didn't want to entertain the idea of being pinned in an empty gym.
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