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i see a lot of CPs/GATs in boston whenever i hang out there, for the most part just a lot of jordans and generic ugly sneakers though
when will we be able to put orders in, 3 months from now?
well, that's settled. i'm in.
no they're the white from menlook
got those national standards. made in portugal, decent leather
willing to trade or sell my calf moto. 2 zip configuration with gunmetal zippers. looking for a mdr in similar sizing with silver zips
made a kale + spinach smoothie, surprisingly tasty for what it is exhausted all my carbs for the day when I ate a loaf of bread for lunch, lol
if I'm not mistaken 5-zips were made of deer skin a season or two, I think Fuumas is.
lol telling someone to bulk as we are weeks away from summer
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