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looks like the '18 WRX is finally going to have optional recaros (and brembos)
i have a 05 WRX with falken snows and i concur. braking in snow/ice is never ideal, irregardless of your setup.
look into braum seats
are the shirts ever coming back?
For your consideration is a Falcon Garments jacket in the DR2 configuration. It is in black lamb with silver zippers and tabs. You can find my post in the thread when I received my jacket below: I am selling simply because I do not wear the jacket. Since I have owned it its been "worn" maybe 3 times and the rest of the time has been stored (not on a...
N54/55 engines are very durable. quite a few examples of people pushing over 600whp on them.
im aware times square is a tourist trap, it's for the lady. i was considering aureole?
is this a joke or
going to be in times square in a few weeks, good restaurant recommendations?
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