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hirsh pls go
the women in my life agree with my sentiments, if you got off the internet maybe you'd find what ive alluded to
added a whole lot of womens studies majors to my ignore list fuck bitches get money
about to put jawnz coppin on the back burner to fund this   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=589796737774032
primarily looking for silver zippers, willing to trade for my calf moto as well
i bought these from tres bien about a month or two ago, wore them twice and they've been sitting on the box ever since.   $220 + shipping + 4% (or gift)   dust bag and box included
they probably are "cut off" and are just getting rid of excess materials at this point, hence some select orders being let through
no boston meetups eh   i'd be down
need recommendations for a warm winter coat, warm as in being suitable for weather up to -20 f. preferably under $500. bonus points if it's not a box made of down feathers
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