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it seems rather obscene that some people here seem to think dropping almost a grand on something and then continually being misled on it's estimated manufacture, delivery, etc isn't grounds for being upset
anyone with more programming experience than i want to chime in on how i could optimize my bench progression? i am primarily looking to build strength and couldn't feasibly hit 235 for 5 so went for 3 as i didn't want to entertain the idea of being pinned in an empty gym.
pretty shameful it requires 20 pages of dialogue and the involvement of site management to get a couple of paragraphs out of this guy
this is a concern for me as well i require larger labias
that spreadsheet has really proven disastrous for toj & co. hope drew consults the oracle before posting.
the fact a customer could do this with way less information than is available to toj is pretty disheartening
LA Guy what jeans are those?
the above has happened to me as well. placed an order on the 29th and typically receive tracking with 1-2 days and my actual purchases on the 4th day.
anyone here do isolated grip work? i've made it a minor goal to close the level 3 CoC gripper
how do you order these leather swatches? is the pricing the same despite the leather you choose?
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