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i'm definitely copping those PL x Target   thank you based jawnz gods
has anyone tried buying fabric in bulk and making their own t-shirts?
i hope you get all the thumbs you intended with your hilariously feeble attempt at comedy
ok their views, now what?   you wouldn't give him business but you are almost entirely dressed of japanese clothing, people who aren't exactly known for being very friendly to any race but theirs and have a rather nasty track record   what's your business?
why can't people have their own opinions?   he's your tailor, not your fucking life coach
i'll disagree here. a scoop neck implies a stronger "fashion/style" sense and i don't want to say that word everyone has taken to saying but it should be accompanied accordingly.
anyone got brand recommendations on the above but, if possible, in a slightly lighter shade?
they look far higher quality than MMM, tbh
i'm a eu40 so i have to wear jeans with a 7" hem
yeah no I paid like 250 shipped for my pair what are they thinking
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