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i'm in for a rider as well, provided the belt is removable
for the 5 years graphicnovelty has been a member he's just as bad as hirsh
i would have done the same had the option been available earlier, tbh
the everlane zip wallet is surprisingly well made   https://www.everlane.com/collections/mens-accessories/products/mens-square-zip-wallet-black   decent leather and ykk zippers, mine has received a fair amount of compliments
half of swd? most of the people here, based on waywt, seem to be of a healthy weight.
how would I go about getting some guidis in a US 7/40? is proxying from Japan my only option?
it really comes down to what you're comfortable with, personally I'd go a size up.
those thighs do not squat 500 or anywhere near that for even a single
i have a feeling batches are artificially extended since drew is well aware a large percentage of his offerings end up on b&s. an attempt to dry out the second hand market, perhaps.
are these size 39?
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