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i'm imagining a mdr in black glazed goat with silver excellas...that wait time tho
where to cop jade and lavender tees?
laughing at a bunch of waiters complaining about their pay and difficult life situation on a board dedicated to expensive luxury goods
bought them and wore once, fell out of the whole raw denim thing and just want some comfortable pants nowadays   shipping not included in price
exactly. the members who post about cars and other ramblings typically are already established members who have contributed before. i have yet to see a single hirsh post where i have been legitimately surprised as to it's contents or learned a single thing.not to mention that at least two medical students (lmaozedong might actually be a doctor idk) have essentially said her situation is nowhere near as tragic as she portrays it to be.cliffs possibly ill attention whore...
i don't understand how hirshs "illness" should translate into some kind of shared sympathy and understanding. this forum is for clothes not chronically ill people who not only have nothing to contribute but bring down the mood constantly. i wouldn't join a forum for ibs sufferers and post pictures of myself riding a bicycle
hirsh pls go
the women in my life agree with my sentiments, if you got off the internet maybe you'd find what ive alluded to
added a whole lot of womens studies majors to my ignore list fuck bitches get money
about to put jawnz coppin on the back burner to fund this   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=589796737774032
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