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i bought these from tres bien about a month or two ago, wore them twice and they've been sitting on the box ever since.   $220 + shipping + 4% (or gift)   dust bag and box included
they probably are "cut off" and are just getting rid of excess materials at this point, hence some select orders being let through
no boston meetups eh   i'd be down
need recommendations for a warm winter coat, warm as in being suitable for weather up to -20 f. preferably under $500. bonus points if it's not a box made of down feathers
from end, a few sizes left   http://www.endclothing.com/brands/nike/nike-air-force-1-downtown-hi-gum-lw-qs.html
this is exactly what happened to me lol, some old air forces from high school
my mind is somewhat blown, after agonizing that my shoe size is almost never available (7/7.5) i looked in my closet and realized i own shoes in up to us 10. i don't know what's real anymore
those gum hi available anywhere? sold out on the nike website in like 5 minutes lol
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