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if you already have the postmans i'd suggest returning the docs. the postman has a nicer shape and seems to have higher quality leather as well, i can't really think of a single reason for owning both. i went with the docs because they're about $135 cheaper and it was an "experiment"
i bought some like two weeks ago, they're pretty dope
it's cold as fuck right now KingJulien how you steppin out like that lol
you're in Lowell right? everytime I see one it's a serious "fuck...." moment
i really want a fucking mitsubishi evo
i don't get all the bresson hate, I really enjoyed le diable probablement and thought taxi driver was highly overrated
that reference jacket looks so dope...   http://carsonstreetclothiers.com/brands/sns-herning/reference-jacket.html   definitely going to be keeping an eye on that, hopefully it drops
anymore pics? it seems very cropped
no hate taken, i don't have that much experience with baller footwear. thanks for the comments.
white/grey colorway, pics incoming tomorrow, minimal wear.   i'm a true US 7/7.5 and they fit, typically take a 40 in eur sizing.
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