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we get it, you don't like rick owens   move on
if they're 1k then yeah, no
i really want a pair of balmain jeans   is 1k generally the price?
2.8k for that? nah
i miraculously got emailed with a code, although the only thing i wanted isn't available lol
reading through those pages, drew used to contribute so much more often   i really hope he's wrong though about the americana trend lasting longer
  but but but they're artisanal and are made from triple-dyed elephant testicle leather
what i think nahneun would like to say is that the DR is an aggressive jacket and it deserves a more worthy outfit   i'm continually bewildered when guys spend $800 on a jacket and the rest of their wardrobe is hanes v-necks and converse, or something.
lol, about to hit up h&m tomorrow
that's a henley, bro
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