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how does someone "look like they can bench 225 a few times" lol
saw a dude in the gym with a dslr tripod etc filming the most trivial weights couldn't help but laugh
it's a sub $250 boot, i really don't understand some peoples expectations
because of one possibly defective boot? lol
i received my boots today so below are some pictures and my initial impression (it's 86 degrees with 60%+ humidity, jeans are not an option).  [[SPOILER]]   
thread seems to have lost all steam after that rather convenient price hike and the collar gap
hanes has some new v necks, comfort blend i think, which is like 60% cotton some polyester and rayon. they fit great and hold their shape, especially compared to the all cotton versions.
i ordered side zips and received tracking earlier, they are shipping from Vietnam
clothes looks good on an individual when they are dressed with their physique and looks in mind it should be fairly obvious that if you're anything above the emaciated waif build most japanese clothing is out of the photo for you
i'd rather look good shirtless than look good in a shirt   ymmv
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