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anyone know of a retailer still carrying the AF1s from the Blazer Pack in Dark Grey/Sail?   they look like this:     i need them in a US 7/7.5
if anyone is interested in a black calf 2 zip gunmetal moto then do pm me (fits 44/46)   i'm interested in cwus and possibly mdrs
that message must have taken a considerable amount of drugs to produce   i'm quite impressed
since it doesn't seem like we're willing to drop it as a community, i'll throw my 2 cents in.   i think that people like isachenko, as inflammatory as they can be to both the individual and the community, provide a balance to the overall sentiment and attitude. it's important to realize that you likely walk past people on a daily basis who share his sentiments in regards to your appearance, even if you live in a "fashion forward" area.   since we belong to this small...
would 27.5" sleeves on a jacket be too long for someone with normal proportions at a height of 5'9 ?
yeah it is, what made you decide not to purchase it?   i decided against it as the sleeves are far too long for me
have the last 15 pages been insufficient in discussing this guy? ignore him and if it's not enough take a break from styleforum, jesus christ
based on its drape and grain it looks like lamb
i work in a multi billion dollar company, many times over, and management is laughable   i know very few people making 100k, i'd say most of the people here make sacrifices in other areas to afford their "luxuries"
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