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'17 GTI Sport
i might need to use that soon. sold my car and my new car is still on a boat coming in from the motherland.
imo move on
a STi with Recaros, paddle shifters, and a push to start? what on earth am i looking at 🤔
i was looking into 335is for a while and read about the e9x ac issues. apparently BMW is on their 4th? evaporator revision. it's a 3k repair if the evaporator goes out.
foresters are known as being a typical lesbian vehicle
i live in Massachusetts and for many years got around just fine on a fwd platform that had no stability control and had all season tires. i know many who do the same. my subaru is equipped with snow tires and the main benefit is really that i don't have to clean around my car to get out of the driveway. my car still slides, braking distance is not great, and what's most dangerous in the winter isn't affected - other drivers. i can count on one hand the times that the...
i want the SE because on top of the leather seats it has the premium audio, fog lights, sunroof, and all of the features of the sport model (LSD, Golf R brakes, +10hp). yeah i will definitely get snow tires, not worried about losing AWD at all. ill get aftermarket wheels and get some sticky summer rubber to run on those. going in for the test drive Saturday.
the whole point is i don't want the plaid seats yeah the dealership is marking them down 5k across the board. you can get a base one for 21k
seriously thinking about picking up a 2017 GTI SE. dealer around me has them for 25k. 6MT. 🤔
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