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you could look into braum, im considering them for my next seats.
do you see the amount of work involved in having a reliable Subaru then?
WRX/STi have gone through two cycles in that time, the Evo remained the same from 2008 until it's death in 2015.
Yes and No. i know of a local here in the Subaru groups who went through 3 motors, including a ej207. tuned by Matt Miner. ill leave this discussion at that.
i love subarus. the sound of the boxer motor with a nice exhaust setup and equal length headers is fantastic. im not oblivious to their faults though, you'd be hard pressed to find a single subaru wrx or sti with over 100k miles on it with the original motor.
i have no doubts that evos blow up occasionally too. a lot of it is owner error as you stated and plain abuse, you do not typically buy an evo to drive it gently into the sunset. subarus in new england are extremely common, as are tales of how faithfully unreliable the ej motor is. in Japan you have the ej207 which is a semi closed deck block with forged internals, we do not get that option stateside. the amount of money id have to spend to build and make a subaru...
im going to sell the wrx, buy an Evo and daily it. i have well over a handful of friends with evos and they aren't fragile in my experience at all. the 6 speeds aren't glass, they aren't as robust as the 5 speed but still much stronger than the wrx unit (mine has almost 160k and still shifts fine).
i think i am just going to buy an Evo. with quality supporting mods (cooling, brakes, suspension) it is a quite capable daily and track car. i also won't have to get storage space or a winter beater as i can just get a second set of wheels and tires to use during the winter months.
i was looking forward to your post. i did some research into legacy's after you had mentioned your wives twin turbo one but i would prefer not to have to do an engine swap right away. if that was the case i was looking into the direction of a EG33 into an impreza chassis. my budget is peasant level and i would fear tracking a turbo Subaru (i daily a turbo Subaru right now.)i follow speed academy on youtube and they built a pretty skanky S2000 into a very capable track car...
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