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i must say, i admire your loyalty to the brand. despite the fact that both of your subarus have either died or needed to be sidelined for repairs.
is Alden the go to for entry level shell cordovan ptbs? i have a wedding soon and have always wanted a pair of shell shoes so ...
they get snow tires
if that's the case i may not be able to fit in any of them? i have a 22" chest
how would you even go about searching for that on y!jp auctions? that is probably the perfect moto, imo.
not available new anymore
why not just get some Allen Edmonds leeds? seems kind of counter intuitive to get some artisanal japanese footwear just for a wedding (unless you're the one getting married).
seriously considering picking up a LS400 as a side project and fixing it up. plenty of examples in my area for 1-3k
that leather shirt in the editorial is tempting .. that price tag though
good summer short recs? i know of the interval short, i think by Fok? suggestion   which i will buy for gym duty. looking for casual chino-esque fabric shorts with a roomy seat and tapered thigh.
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