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Quote: Originally Posted by mrUnicorn mr freedom fob 098xx lonewolf engineers I think your belt buckle is off center.
Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF From the Black Fleece collection on BB's website. What's the big deal with the Thom Browne fad? His suits are not even slim, just really short and boxy. I've seen garbage bags that fit better than this pile of steaming crap.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemonadebox Finally got around to posting a pic of my first TaT suit, I'm in love with this suit although i still need to lengthen the sleeves a bit. Sorry for not putting on any shoes and I wore a short sleeve under because it was really hot that day. Besides that I dont really see anything wrong with the suit. Maybe it's partly your pose (and for your sake, I hope so) but that looks terrible. The sleeves are too...
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six You're just being contrary, you know what I mean. Great, lots of labels. Have used it. They didn't use it as a distinguishing guise. TB has appropriated that detail in that colour pattern through repeated use. If anyone else uses it now it will immediately evoke TB. So they should at least avoid red white and blue stripes. RL has been using the red/white/blue color scheme for forever. Maybe Thom ripped off of...
Quote: My chest is 44 inches. My waist is around 37 inches, give or take an inch depending on my work out and eating habits. What do you guys recommend? Get a nice 44 suit. RL suits can be had for cheap on sale or as second hands (this forum's B&S). There's lots of other options like Brooks Brothers, JCrew, etc. Brands have different cuts so make sure you try them all on. A 44 in RL doesn't fit like a 44 in JCrew, etc. Quote: It's a cheap...
1. Make a knit tie out of it. 2. Get PG to wear it and take pictures. 3. Watch the MC forum get into a frenzy ??? 4. Profit
I never understand the split toe aesthetic.
The 1993 Jubilee is also a great looking watch.
If you want cheap, H&M has one for $130 but it's not out yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Bloody hell, it's only a red jacket. You'd think it was a fucking spandex mankini judging by some of the replies in this thread. I'm pretty sure that if a jacket is not -gray -navy -tan/brown then it's considered a fucking spandex mankini by this forum.
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