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I posted this in the Buying/Selling forum. Neiman Marcus Private Sale Event 30% Off Today Only The link above takes you to all the designers. Also, free shipping, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by DunninLA Why? sometimes in near-new condition they sell for $80, sometimes $140. Average is about $120. My three pair of Santoni (Brenden black, Brenden brown, and Bristol Black) were bought for (shipped) $112, $96, and $98, respectively. Once a shoe has been worn a few times, it rarely sells for mor than 20% retail unless it is highly collectible like some John Lobbs, Edward Green, Weston, or...
Neiman Marcus Private Sale Event 30% Off Today Only Maybe good enough for someone here. Lots of designer stuff on there. There's free shipping, too.
Yeah I know I'll probably regret it later. It was so cheap though. Some lucky bastard got it for $117 shipped!!! I would have given around $190 if it was my size.
thanks guys. the shoes are 1/2 a size too large so I didn't pull the trigger.
I'm bidding on a pair on eBay and my local Nordstrom doesn't carry it in my size. Anyway, how comparable is it (size-wise) to the AE Park Avenues? Also, is it ok to go half a size up? Thanks in advance.
I think I can see what he's saying. The PAs look "old" IMO. I'm, too, looking for a pair with a sleeker, slimmer and lower profile than the PAs. No luck so far, though. The Ferragamo Tangeri is close.
thanks, gdl203. I don't think i can pull off a 40mm anyway.
Thanks, SoCal. I'll check them out. Also, just to clarify, it doesn't have to be German. I like some of the IWCs, too. Too bad most of them are 39mm or larger. Having a small wrist sucks.
This is probably a long shot but anyway, would you guys recommend a small dress watch for me? I have a tiny wrist (6.25") so it should be 35-37mm (or maybe 38 since some watches fit smaller than their size). I prefer strap, white/silver dial and polished bezel. The Lange 1815 Chrono is the style I'm looking for. or the Langematik Perpeptual Of course, I can't afford either. My budget is up to about 5K (but I can shell out some extra cash if need be). The...
New Posts  All Forums: