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Neiman Marcus Private Sale Event 30% Off Today Only Maybe good enough for someone here. Lots of designer stuff on there. There's free shipping, too.
Yeah I know I'll probably regret it later. It was so cheap though. Some lucky bastard got it for $117 shipped!!! I would have given around $190 if it was my size.
thanks guys. the shoes are 1/2 a size too large so I didn't pull the trigger.
I'm bidding on a pair on eBay and my local Nordstrom doesn't carry it in my size. Anyway, how comparable is it (size-wise) to the AE Park Avenues? Also, is it ok to go half a size up? Thanks in advance.
I think I can see what he's saying. The PAs look "old" IMO. I'm, too, looking for a pair with a sleeker, slimmer and lower profile than the PAs. No luck so far, though. The Ferragamo Tangeri is close.
thanks, gdl203. I don't think i can pull off a 40mm anyway.
Thanks, SoCal. I'll check them out. Also, just to clarify, it doesn't have to be German. I like some of the IWCs, too. Too bad most of them are 39mm or larger. Having a small wrist sucks.
This is probably a long shot but anyway, would you guys recommend a small dress watch for me? I have a tiny wrist (6.25") so it should be 35-37mm (or maybe 38 since some watches fit smaller than their size). I prefer strap, white/silver dial and polished bezel. The Lange 1815 Chrono is the style I'm looking for. or the Langematik Perpeptual Of course, I can't afford either. My budget is up to about 5K (but I can shell out some extra cash if need be). The...
I love how this guy advocates buying fake watches.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 ^^^ This is fine for somebody who works in a office 5 days a week and already knows their own tastes, but a college is going to get to wear half of that stuff only a few times a year. Unless he's building a wardrobe for a job, and he knows exactly what kind of dress code his job will have, most of that stuff can wait. I'm not crazy about lists, either, unless you absolutely need all of these things for a new job or...
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