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I don't understand the Heller's Cafe stuff (and the losers who actually buy it). The point of buying vintage is because they're authentic. Why buy reproductions at a premium? What makes this any different from the fake vintage mall brand stuff like Abercrombie? This is like buying a Rembrandt print for MORE than the real one used to go for back then. It doesn't make any sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by Find Finn I had a guy come up to my work truck and ask where's my package? I was like WTF, then he said, it says on the side of the truck "packages to the whole world", so where's mine? Are you cute? He's hitting on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by evilbananas I'm almost positive the half waist should be measured with the darts; the other way wouldn't produce a shirt that's a copy of your original. Every measurement on my latest 100% cotton shirt shrank around 1/4" after the first wash. This may of just been the fabric I chose though. Thanks.
Questions on measurements. Half waist - does this already account for the darts in the back? For example, on my existing shirt, the measurement is 41cm WITH darts. Should it be the same for Modern Tailor? (or should I add about 4cm that would be taken out by the darts?) How much should I add to account for shrinking? 1cm to the sleeves? 1cm to the collar? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana So because he asked a short simple question are they on sale, he's a stupid moron? And no, just because you're unpacking them from boxes doesn't automatically mean they're not on sale. Shit even Barneys has new items on sale at times. Yeah, it's not uncommon for stores to have periodical sales on all items, old or new. Banana Republic, for example, hands out 15-20% off coupons all the time. The guy...
AX is absolutely crap but one time, I found a nice cashmere/tweed suit (yes, at AX of all places) on sale for $150. I like it.
I love rose gold watches on a brown strap, especially those vintage ones. I think it's a very classy look.
Quote: Originally Posted by NukeMeSlowly First, what is so obvious about what this guy wanted? Second, the verbal exchange (as written) could not have taken more than 2 minutes (probably less) and contained nothing more than a couple of questions from SM seeking clarification. Yet, Mr. Button Shirt devolves into a frenzied state, complete with shouting expletives, in less time than it takes me to piss in the morning. Who really is the dick in this...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself He didn't come back the next day to say the shirt and tie didn't look good on him. 16.) A mid 40s guy came into the store. He told me he just came from Sears and said he wanted--and I quote--"a button-down shirt." "I'm sorry, sir. We don't have any button-down collars right now." "What do you mean?" "We don't have any button-down collar shirts at the moment." "No, no. I need a button...
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