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Burgundy is a lot more versatile than brown. You can wear burgundy with pretty much anything, even a black suit (if the situation ever calls for one). Some brown shoes look pretty nasty with a navy suit. That said, your first pair should always be a black captoe. It's understated and is appropriate for conservative environments where you don't want to stand out and draw too much attention to yourself.
I still don't see how the seller should eat half of the cost. He told the buyer to return the item. It's the buyer's responsibility to get the item back to the seller's hands. Even though the seller didn't specifically state it, getting a tracking number and insurance would have been common sense, especially when it involved sending such an expensive item overseas. If the situation were reversed, ie. if the seller had sent the item without tracking and it had gottten...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI What is with SF's propensity to call any girl posted in a MC thread 'hot'? She's no hottie. Not by a long shot. She's just a regular chick. She's downright ugly. A 5 at best.
The worst is the restroom attendants who hand out pre-torn pieces of paper towel expecting tips. Fuck that. It's not my fault you got the shittiest job ever. Enjoy smelling people's shit and piss.
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 Thoughts? I don't like it. The lapels are way too small. Also, keep in mind that the coat in this picture is obviously pinned in the back. Expect it to be a little boxy in real life.
I don't understand the Heller's Cafe stuff (and the losers who actually buy it). The point of buying vintage is because they're authentic. Why buy reproductions at a premium? What makes this any different from the fake vintage mall brand stuff like Abercrombie? This is like buying a Rembrandt print for MORE than the real one used to go for back then. It doesn't make any sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by Find Finn I had a guy come up to my work truck and ask where's my package? I was like WTF, then he said, it says on the side of the truck "packages to the whole world", so where's mine? Are you cute? He's hitting on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by evilbananas I'm almost positive the half waist should be measured with the darts; the other way wouldn't produce a shirt that's a copy of your original. Every measurement on my latest 100% cotton shirt shrank around 1/4" after the first wash. This may of just been the fabric I chose though. Thanks.
Questions on measurements. Half waist - does this already account for the darts in the back? For example, on my existing shirt, the measurement is 41cm WITH darts. Should it be the same for Modern Tailor? (or should I add about 4cm that would be taken out by the darts?) How much should I add to account for shrinking? 1cm to the sleeves? 1cm to the collar? Thanks.
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